A Few Places

On my apartment balcony in the daytime in view of hundreds of people may have been the best place,
In a national park on a park bench was very awesome,

Countless times in other places like:

In the sauna, In the pool, In the lake, In the ocean,
On the beach, in the shower, In a few barns, many cars, sleeper cab of a semi truck, In the woods, 
At work, In a power plant, On the airport taxiway,
in the middle of the road at night, In a parking lot, behind a bar, on the pool table

LOL Just about ever where I can think of!!  Always looking for a new place.
My advice to the adventurous...  keep a blanket handy!
NaoLoirasMais NaoLoirasMais
46-50, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

LOL!<br />
How does one carry a blanket inauspiciously into a public loo at a club?<br />
Nice list though...

In my younger days I kept a blanket with me in the truck at all times. It was a thin but warm blanket and I still wish I had it. I gave it to someone who was stranded along side the road and due to the circumstances couldn't go with me. I haven't had one in the car for years because I live in the city now and wouldn't need it but as much traveling as I have been doing it would be a wise thing now that winter is approaching. In the loo at a club is one place I havent done it.