My List

1.on a short haul flight(a quicky BJ from an ex who just made the flight) the public parking lot during a church service( the dangers of catholic schooling)
3.In the loo upstairs of my then girlfriends house,with her parents down stairs(we were in our thirties...lovely quickly!)
4. My favorite was a very sneaky doggy style stand up session in a busy train at the furthest cabin,with a young couple watching in awe!she simply hicked up the rear of her skirt and let me slide in quietly,rocking to to the rhythm of the train...have to admit.I did not last long

izom6969 izom6969
41-45, M
2 Responses May 5, 2012

Next time on a train , let her ride you bro . dont move. the train will do all the work and you will last longer - believe me . its very hot !

agree #4 wow -