Love Sex In The Great Outdoors!

Another re-post... some of you may already have seen this.

My wife and I have had sex in many great places, and we ALWAYS love sex in the outdoors. Our best camping sex was at Salt Point along the HWY 1 California Coast. A beautiful sunny day, we pulled the air mattress out of the tent and had sex right there in the sun. On this same trip, while hiking, we found a fallen tree that was conveniently the perfect height for *******. My wife dropped her shorts, hopped up on the tree trunk, and I ate her out to a wonderful ******. Then she jumped off, bent over and held on to the tree while I ****** her standing up from behind. That was one nice hiking break! But the BEST outdoor experience has always been on the beaches. Hawaii in the moonlight, St. Maarten in the starlight, and our favorite romp in the sand - the Island off Orient Beach!

We were already naked on Orient Beach, and had been eyeing the island for a few days. It was probably a good 1/2-mile swim, which is not far for us. We grabbed our suits, in case we needed them, and started swimming naked across the channel. As we approached we saw some Jet Skis, but they left before we got there. They continued scurrying about in the general area, and I'm sure got some good looks.

As we crawled up on the now private beach, my beautiful wife laid back in the firm sand as I slid between her legs. The gentle waves just kissed her *** and teased my balls as I knelt in front of her and started feasting on her hot, moist *****. With the sun, the waves, and my tongue all teasing her, she came quickly and told me it was now my turn. She swallowed my **** like a possessed sea demon and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I was already super excited, and didn't last long. I shot my hot *** down her throat, and she swallowed every last drop. We rested a bit as we enjoyed the sun rays, and then it was time for round two. I like it when she rides me, but the missionary position for this location was the best because she was really enjoying the waves on her ***. I buried my **** deep into her and we ****** like there was no tomorrow. Our bodies were rocking with the added help of the waves, and as we reached ****** were knocked over and rolled in the surf. We rested again, then swam back to the mainland, stopping short to put our suits on as we were now on the clothed portion of the beach.

The picture of us in bathing suitsĀ is the smiling faces of two just ******, absolutely and enthusiastically happy people!
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Thank you for sharing. I liked the story. It pushed me over the edge to the point I had to tell one of my stories. Thanks for being my friend. Aaron.