Ohhh the Places

Woww hahaha,

lets just start off with my parents bed,.

When I was in middle school we had a class sleepover and everyone got to run around the school playiing mission impossible., me and the  principals son broke into his office and had sex alll over it haha., in the woods and at the hockey rink..

I ****** on a plane 3 times, On a greyhound bus, not to mention  Oral and *******,

Ive had sex on the hood of 2 different guys cars, hahah one was a ****** car the other was extreemly nice.. Plus In the convertable Eclipse Right outside the resturaunt we were eating at..

In soo many changerooms, Denny's haha, and East side marrios while I was supposed to be prepping food.

Ive had sex on the floating bridge, Under a peir, on a pier, One the beach and in the water, at least two pool times, and a handicapped changeroom in tim hortons hahaha

In the musiem and at a library, that had windows for walls haha.

And one time at the Haunted House hahah. ALso my fathers pooltable,  and a Harley one of my bf's had..

Ive got waay more hahaha but I think those are good for now..


Took2MuchMan Took2MuchMan
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6 Responses Feb 21, 2009

you had sex in middle school?

Your *** would have been a treat to lick and clean up after sex!

well you wouldve had to been like " hey mom and dad!! welcome back from the holiday!! how was your trip? Ohhh by the way, I ****** ALL OVER this house.." for that too happen.. its something they will never know... And something I will definetly never tell them.

Well technically it was MY stuff.. I lived there.. except for their bed and the kitchen table maybe.. But What they dont know wont hurt em! its not like I left juices everywhere.. I did clean.. The hottest place that we has sex in those two weeks was on the deck in plain view of all our neighbors ahaha.... Public places turn me on too..

Ahaha no thank god he didnt.. My parents were actually away on holiday for 2 weeks, I had sex in pretty much every place possible in our house while they were gone... It's hot to think, I ****** a guy for hours exactly where your sitting ahaha.. Annnd we werent tooo messy, but I did wash their bedding and cleaned all the places I had sex.

oh you are an adventurous soul