On The Rooftop

On the rooftop of an exclusive boutique hotel in Spain.

I was homeless at the time, having given up my apartment to save some money. A friend of mine who worked at the hotel offered me the use of one of  the rooftop cabanas. More than happy with the arrangement I went up and closed the bar down, drinking until all the registered guests had left. Once the rooftop was empty I settled into for a warm nights sleep.

About one hour later, my friend had come up to check on me and see if I needed anything. I am not sure really what happened next, but we were all over each other, clothes were flying, hands were moving and bodies were in positions I never thought possible. We had utilized the entire rooftop, the cabana, the bar, the pool and the loungers.

I am not sure what got me aroused more, my friend who was absolutely gorgeous or the fact that we were out in the open air or the fact that it was so against the rules, either way it was incredible!



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on rooftop or in open area in open sex desire increase

Yes Vkskama, you are correct- there is an element of 'being caught' when out in the open- that can indeed be a turn-on.

Rknst74, thank you for the kind words. and I am very happy you enjoyed......*smiles*

Wow now that is super cool.I just realized you wrote this last year but what a cool story.I have been to Europe but do not have anything like this to share with you but i wish i did.<br />
I really enjoyed reading this as I have just began to read your stories.You write well thank you for sharing them with others.

Angelsx, thank you! Glad you enjoyed!!

Lovely story;)

Yes, Pokerboy, get your *** to Spain...well worth the trip!! *smiles wickedly*

Combacksoon, spontaneous sex is outstanding! There is no time to think about anything only time to go for the ride and enjoy it to the fullest. And you are correct, it was a hot night up on the rooftop!

on the roof top sounds so good .<br />
and it was a hot night had by all

spontaneous! sex is the best ....... with who ever !!!

Risenphoenix, well my vacation is planned and there will be lots of warm weather if I get my way! <br />
<br />
Uglybuzzard47, Yes, it can be very intense and sensual and well.....spontaneous!

it's getting warmer...we must talk about that vacation.

hth13, yes on the roof! Who sang that song anyway???<br />
<br />
Risenphoenix, where might that rooftop be??? Is it somewhere warm? Because I could really use some warm weather ......... hmmmm, come to think of it, I am in need of a vacation. *smiles*<br />
<br />
GoodMan67, challenging fun? Yes, I am a challenge and I do like to have fun.....bring it on.......teeheehee

Something good without a doubt. I can see getting to know you is going to be challenging fun ;)

Hey wicked. I know of a very interesting rooftop where we could play out a scene.

GoodMan67, Is that something good or something bad?? *smiles wickedly*

Oooh. That is something.

DeepStorm63, are you getting fresh with me???

Wish I had been that friend. ***smiles***

Yes, yes it was...*smiles wickedly*

So wild and wicked