Casting Opportunities: U.S. Residents Only

NBC Universal is looking for people living in the U.S. interested in appearing on television.

There are 2 casting opportunities, please email if either are of interest and you want to get more information.  Include your phone number so a casting director can contact you.

1) Are you in a long distance relationship and have never met face-to-face?  They'll fly you both out to meet for the first time on they show. 


2) If you have a shopping addiction and it's impacting your life and the one's you love, you can get help.  They'll provide you counseling on the show and help you get on the road to recovery. 

Email if you're interested and provide your phone number to get connected with a casting director. 

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EPArsineh EPArsineh
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82 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Why does it have to be for US residents only! Waaaahhh! ;(
LOL Just kidding! :)

I'd love to be on TV, but the topics you have so far are not about me. Most negative stuff fits me though

is it free

It will cost you 100 tokens to reply back to me.

more information please

Oh you missed that part. Knew each other for 10 years online, then lived together for 3 years. Now been married for almost 3 years. It happens! lol.

Hey, please, block me, I would very much appreciate if you kindly take my name off this list. Thank you

Thank you Miss Comet for your reply, I have been absent for quite sometime and tonight I am dropping by EP site. Yes, I already found the block button to avoid receiving mails on EP Media Opportunities. Have a good week!

Omg i guess this is my chance. I am so in love with a lady in Washington by name Gladys. I've once saw her on webcam and i just want to see her in reality for the second time. she makes me happy anytime she says hi and makes my day beautiful when she says i love you to me. I really enjoy her talks and good conversations. I wish she hears and read from me this time over here. I am dying for Gladys over seas. Please help me find her or Post her to me. I am so much dying for her. +233266480209 is my number. Love forever.

I am in a long distance relationship with this beautiful girl from chile. We have been talking online for four years. I would love the opportunity to meet her in person. She means the world to me. I would love to meet her to make her smile and laugh and shock her.

my number is 323 571 3203

Am from Nigeria, i wish to attend the show. If possible this my number(08068433026).

I am in a LD relationship but, I don't think we're gonna want the publicity. Well, Maybe Jerry Springer.Or Ellen. She dances. Oprah's ok but, I don't know...well, maybe a nighttime talk show IF there's a really good band playing. But thats it. Also, I don't have a shopping problem.Other than not wanting to wear what everyone else wears. I like vintage, funky, not mainstream. I prefer that we call it a Fashion fetish, Textile Trauma, Style Situation or something of that nature. It hasn't caused any rifts in my family except that one of my little girls just does not wear the awesome items I pick for her. My other beauty is super stylish on her own and puts together the coolest looks. So I hope you find your storybook romance couple. I hope it's not that Prince Charming AGAIN. He gets around, ya know. Those Dizzy Princesses should really do something about that. Enjoy your day. Peace.

YES! I'm in love with a lady from England (feetdreams on EP), but no way to get to her! We met on EP and dip-n-dab here on EP! We both have a "foot-fetish" and just LOVE to "chat-it-up" about it on here too! TANX! GREGG2012

Wow, I just had an email from a producer for the Steve Harvey show. We went through several rounds of emails, phone interviews and skypes. I am just wondering are these real request?

Lol, I figured!!!

No thanks.

Zagah Boss I don't understand??

Thank you, your supposal is interesting and fine, but I am from Europe, so far from the U.S.A. I like your stories and have not reason to block anything from you :-).

Sounds interesting,i dont have those problems though

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I' am man of God and i realy wish to go to U.S. for ministriation .

I am not in the US , and I would not be interested , but thank you for asking . Good luck !

i like everthing which in nice and good

I will tell you what interests me. Dreams interest me. So if you have any cool dreams write them down and message it to me. I love to interpret them.

Read about my repetitive dreams in the story i wrote. I'd love to hear from you.

l'm not a U.S resident,but l'm interested

Neither is Obama, and he's President.

l'm not a U.S resident,but l'm interested

Me and my bf dated 4 11 mons and were back again are love is so strong and he wants to see me b4 he goes in the marines and I'm interested and no never seen him lives in Texas

I live in the U.S. and the woman I love (my gf) lives in the Philippines. We have not met face to face

is this raelly for real ?? ,.... i;am in a long distance relationship and have never met face-to-face & really would like to met this woman:)


Aw dam...I live in Canada...this sucks...

Does Puerto Rice count as part of the US?

¡Si! Muy mucho.

I would sign up but that would take away from the time i have for shopping and i just like to shop too much, unfortunately i need a new house because i am running out of places to put all the stuff i buy from shopping. Have to run I heard this store is going out of business and i can't resist a bargain, I might have to build another shed in the backyard!!!

LMAO...hang on, I'll see if my man from the Urkaine that I have never met will come and help you with the shed!!! Sheesh!! ;)

Thank you that's very nice of you, it might be better if i could restrain myself from buying so much stuff, if i only could.

damn! I don't qualify

Addicted to shopping? I LOVE SHOPPING, but I'm not crazy. And I'm not going to give you my phone number. Sorry!

How can a person be in a relationship with someone they have never met? That sounds fishy as hell to me.....not to mention crazy!!!!

You think Obama knew his wife before he married her? That's how he got his green card for crying out loud!

I have neither D:. Good luck to whoever gets on the shows!

another show to make people look stupid, media has nothing to say unless they wrote it. This is another ignorant 20 seconds of fame in a world that doesn't care enough for it's own people. we should tell NBC asshats to share wealth with those in poverty, instead of making whats most likely to be, another dead beat TV show.

Already met my wife online (IRC chat) from halfway round the world. No need for me to go through this again, as she and I are happily married. Have fun, folks. :-)

I spent a rather unbalanced amount of time on IRC at the time. But once I met my future wife, that became our hangout when we weren't using IM or enjoying the occasional phone call. Using VoIP wasn't really a good option, as she was on dialup at the time, in a small country in the South Pacific. We beat the odds with such a long distance relationship and finally getting married. :-)

How do you think Barry O' Bama met his, too?

I have been in love with a man who lives in Hatay, Turkey for almost a year now, and I am in the United States. It is almost impossible to have a real relationship over the internet, so we decided that we should just move on. He got himself a girlfriend, and I just recently met someone. It hasn't taken me long to decide that just because i can physically touch someone, it does not fulfill any real need i have. My heart is somewhere else. The way I feel about the world, and the way i feel about my family....there is only one person who really knows me, and cares enough to take the time...and feels the same way that i do on almost every subject. He is the most beautiful person that I have ever met. I have just given up on ever meeting him.

Been there, done that. Only in my case she was in New Zealand and I was in California when we first started chatting online. Two years before finally meeting face-to-face (long story) and another year or so before we were able to make it more of a permanent thing. Been married 8+ years now and doing great. :-) And yes I totally agree, it's absolutely possible to connect with someone far away in a way which isn't necessarily guaranteed with someone local to you.

Turkey Greece, parsley, garlic, top it off with some crushed up matzoh. What time you want me for supper?

This is amazing! I'm not that bad of a shop aholic but if you do something about depressed people I'm here ;)

i live in england and have no problems or long distance relationships not a single one of my relatives have ever been or moved to us so im fine.

ı don t think so

1.) Hmm nope cause well she told me she loved me & she wanted us to be together infact I was gonna move to where she lives then I find out she has a boyfriend already so that's a no go & I'm glad I wasn't stupid and moved already.<br />
2.) nope I am not a shopaholic I think that's more of my sister than me

1) Nope. Sometimes her face is too close though. =D<br />
2) Shopping? Hmm not really. But it sure would help to have more income. Can they just give me money instead of counseling? -_-

Canadian -.-

I hope you choose me - I am in a LDR with a Naval Chief and miss him deeply!

You are a messenger of hope for me today. I look for the opportunity to (1) Be apart of a show, either behind the scene or in front of the scene.(2) Need to take care of seeing that I meet with my ex again , a very sensitive show that would be. Thank you Arsineh .

WHERE WAS THIS 5 YEARS AGO?! ****. I was dating a Japanese model from florida and we never got to meet before she died.

You kill me :) But seriously, folks. Take my wife!


What about people outside USA?

Those two shows sound a lot like knock-offs.<br />
<br />
The first one is a knock-off of the German Television series "Nur die Liebe zählt".<br />
<br />
The second idea is not new, either.<br />
<br />
Dear NBC, why don't you try something real innovative, like having own ideas for a show?<br />
<br />
There's hardly anything else but garbage on TV nowadays.

ok but i did not know if in europa dsame

ok thanks

Thier are media who do peruse this site for ppl to feature in thier programming. Remember reality tv is cheeper to produce & gets better ratings. The prob is fresh faces, cause if the tards from springer started getting featured ppl would see it as bs. I was speakin to a casting women about doing an episode on microphallus, that is until it seemed they wanted access more than jus an interview with my wife & I... having my homelife filmed was not an option for me on a subject so personal (0_o)

i will but inst it risky frds plz reply can anyone help me for this

You've got star quality!

When i first glanced at it, because i have to have two cataracts operated on and i can only see from my left eye - and that's blurry and foggy, i thought it said, "Casting for U.S. Presidents", and i they were looking for somebody to play the President in a new show being made - like West Wing or something. Lying back in bed i already had one foot on the floor to go pack a suitcase and one hand on the phone to call and reserve a plane ticket to Frisco. My chest was even starting to burn from the heartburn from eating too much Rice-a-Roni, the San Fran-cis-co treat! And then, when my kittycats asked where i was going, i took a closer look at your story and saw it said "Residents", not "Presidents" :'( What a heartbreak. I was thinking i'd be playing the first woman President, and they'd get somebody like<br />
Michael Jordan to play Barack Obama for the first episode, who ended up ramming a new Amendment through Congress allowing him to run for a third term. And i run against Michael (Obama) Jordan and beat him by a landslide, and as the first show's ending and the theme song's playing as the credits are going up, there i am being sworn i as the first Lady President in history, and there's my partner, the new First Lady, holding the family Bible as I'm sworn in, and right before they segue over to a bra commercial showing a model who looks like me wearing a 34B, right as the closing, final credits are going up, the Inauguration segues over to me and my partner screwing the First Mezuzah into the side of the front entrance of the White House as our lady Rabbi reads the mezuzah prayer.

Why does EP sponsor scams? My guy is in the UK and I don't think he'd want to be on TV! Too bad..

i will love to be tv

Well aren't you the dogs bollocks? ^_^

I miss my Teddy bear

add me please

Ummmmmm. No.

Warning! Danger will robinson! Fraud alert!

i live in the u.s but i doubt u could make my crack head of a father face me man to man and tell me why he did what he did no b.s no lies and 20 years if asking why what did i do will finally be put to rest

awww... Thats so sweet too bad im not in the us coz wld have loved to meet brett' flentje'of winscon for the first tym.. cheerz tho'.

can you tell me please oif theres any casting opportunities for australian residents please?<br />
acting has been my dream since i was six :)

Really? Shopping addiction?

I tried to e-mail the Media Opportunity and got told this isn't a valid e-mail. So, I'll write it here and hope I can get connected to this casting offer. My cell phone is: 972-855-7706. I usually don't like to give personal information about myself with my identiy, however, I can't find a way to connect for this opportunity. Velvetflow

Wow! That would be wonderful. I don't fit into either of these categories, but, I haven't been able to see my family or friends in New York for 10 years ever since my health declined and I'm now in a wheelchair and have other health problems. Anytime I've wanted to visit, there was nowhere to stay since there are stairs to be climbed everywhere in Manhattan and I don't have the money for either the plane or for a hotel which would have a handicap room, or with an elevator. It's primarily finances that have prevented me from visiting, along with how ill I am at any given time.<br />
<br />
Two of my cousins visited me for a few days a few years ago. <br />
<br />
I very much miss my family and my last living aunt recently passed and she wanted to see me before she died, as she told me more than once. It never happened, even though, back then I could afford at least the plane , and a friend who lives in Maine was willing to come to Manhattan and help me to get around with the wheelchair. I've since had 4 other cousins die and this is my generation. I fear I wont ever see any of my family again and this upsets me more than anyone can know. When I was healthy and able to walk I went home every summer and I'd see my relatives. There are so few left as we all continue to age. My next birthday I'll be 70 and I'd so much appreciate this gift. I'm an avid Expderience Project contributor with both my stories and offering support to others. This site is a blessed God Send. Velvetflow

How about people with borderline personality disorder. We can just call it "desperate housewives". Oh yeah, they already have a show called that. :)

I don't live in US and neither my bestfriend.. but we met via this site.. :)

That would really be nice, but I don't know whether I would be very comfortable in such a situation as that. I'll talk it over with my Love, then get back with ya....

I would love it! get to meet each other...Fine with me,Honey!

Hmmmmm!....Well, let's see, then.....:-) *nervous*

It's the humidity in Florida. Try Utah. You'll be LOTS more comfortable there.

???????? You completely lost me........?????

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1) Are you in a long distance relationship and have never met face-to-face? They'll fly you both out to meet for the first time on they show. For free? I'm in a long distance relationship. I can see using this to my advantage. He and I have met already but.. we'd love to see each other again. I'm sure we can both fake it and pretend it's the first time.

Sing me up

I aint in us

go away

Unfortunately, I'm not a US resident.

I'm in a long distance relationship, yes.

Block don't work sometime's. <br />
did it on a old name.

i was in a long distance relationship... but i broke up with the bastard for cheating

no but it still hurt

interesting,,, too bad it's only for never met, USA only ld's,, but I guess that makes sense (I mean the never met part lol)

No thanks.

Well, EPArsineh, this long distance relationship of ours has become a bit stale - not your fault, baby, it is me - are you ready to take the next step? :o) !!