U.S. Residents Only: VH1 Looking For Unique Married Couples!

Do you or your spouse have an interesting occupation or lifestyle? Does the marriage make for an interesting story? Maybe something that you keep a secret from others? Are you completely different in some way from your partner?

VH1 is casting for a new show and would love to talk to you!

They're interested in all type of unique relationships. Here are a couple...
1 partner is asexual and the other is not
1 partner is morbidly obese
1 partner is a hoarder and the other is not
1 partner works as a sex operator or crocodile wrangler while the other has an extremely different type of job

This opportunity is open to U.S. residents only.

If you're interested, please email help@experienceproject.com and we'll connect you with the casting director.
EPArsineh EPArsineh
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I am amazed at the asinine responses here! Truly, some stories need to be told without the fea
without the fear of you jackasses chiming in in true Troll-like form! Carry on then.

Amazing, but I'm not married

P.S. I'm also turning into a hoarder, have mastered the foot fetish world, and if I stay this cute, I might just be the first 50 year old woman I would do if I went that way. Time will tell. Oh yeah, I was adopted at birth and disowned at 35 after my dad married my moms first cousin because I wouldn't call my cousin "Mom". I regret not having that camera installed in my forehead at birth. Undoubtedly, My biggest regret of all. My tombstone should read, Here lies the epitome of Truth being stranger than fiction, that's why if you flip her over her *** will hopefully be emblazoned with a phrase I hope I coined, "Never in Real Life". Big fan of sardonic humor, and I would love to have that phrase immortalized in My fannie flesh streamed live across the web if you have any episode ideas along those lines scheduled before I lose My cute little dimples. I'm guessing they won't last forever...nor will the interest at looking at them. I have a strong following in the alternate lifestyle community. So, if the shoe fits....I got your fabulous fan favorited and followed foot...

I would love to do this but the fact is I couldn't make the marriage work, much to my dismay, am no longer married to the male submissive I found in the closet after 17 years of marriage, and I have teenaged boys that may not understand that daddy likes to get spit on and clean up after other women in pink panties. I have an amazing story to tell, just have to wait for the book I guess. Anyone know a good ghostwriter who works on a contingency plan? Cuz I already know who I want to play My SuperMom turns SuperDomme character in the movie version. I'm going with Mary Louise Parker for My character and either Val Kilmner or Ray Liotta in the role of a very complex, confused, tormented tormenting, and depending on how his mood strlkes, sadistic/submissive ex-spouse.

Good luck in your quest and let Me know if anything pops up that won't keep My kids from running for office some day....

I would be glad to tell them of my war injuries or life as a military medic. The only thing I would NOT tell public media outlets is that I wear diapers. Only my close family know about my diaper wearing and that is fine with me. It's not exactly something I'm proud of, or feel comfortable with.

I know how u feel mate

Well alot of people know now!!! :)

My lady, do you really know me? I don't think so. You have no idea of my real name or where I live. THis is what I enjoy about online.

Well if you considet an oilfieldworker unique im down

I'm real and my spouse is imaginary.. how much more unique can you ask?

Unfortunately I am not a US resident as i live in the UK

I'm from India.

I cannot answer this question.

EP-We have published a book about how to approach the media with a human interest story. We would gladly give it free to anyone who decides to approach VH1 about this opportunity. The book is called Be The News and is currently a #3 bestseller on Amazon. We will arrange free copies to anyone who contacts you. The link to the book is here: Please let me know if you would like to read/review a copy first . http://www.amazon.com/Be-The-News-Interest-ebook/dp/B00AIEU990/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1354774541&sr=8-2&keywords=lori+gertz Warmly,Surfsounds Publishing

I would love to read a copy if the offer still stands...

Single my entire life

That sounds like a fun show.....Wish I got to work on it

I guess we don't have enough reality shows on TV, they feel the need to create and air more!!! Stupid people!!!

al haya kula

thats very helpful espcially when I live in the UK I wish to opt out of this notification service because of not helpful television auditions in the wrong country.

Gulp, I would'nt want anyone to know my life style(what life) for entertainment no way.

sad your lil world dies nalone

i guess alot of that is in the USA...but thanks im not among them

This makes me sick. Why the hell am I getting this message in the first place? Why would I want to expose my life to a bunch of people for their morbid pleasure and probably a very small percentage of the earnings? Don't we have enough of this garbage on TV already?

I hope there was something I could actually do against this.

Email me privately..... It will blow your panties off!!! :-)

Btw you're very pretty

What's it worth to you ? I'd need 1.25m for 6 weeks at the very least

i am from india..

just here to say Im not interested

I didn't know Maury Povich or Jerry Springer were on VH1!

Shame on you, Arsineh! Life is too short for this kind of stupidity! You could be reading comic books!

Question: Suppose there was a show- Who is making the money off this show? It's not those that volunteer to make the content of the show.

Ohhh i have an awesome story!!!! Too bad I am Canadian :((( boohoo

Putty I'm not American....or have a husband lol

i am single... that's it.

Love it!!!!

Our lives are not to be scrutinized in these so called " talk shows" that you people continually keep trying to recruit us for. If I recall, Jerry Springer was cancelled a while back.



Sounds intresting.. I love the lets swap parents show! They always put opposites together.


I am not married.. and this is not even close to important. The children that got killed on the news is important not this.

True that

There is no unique story in marriage, there are many many similar untold secter stories, 'cause of our social doctorine to act against our nature.



Really, you have got to be kidding right!! Sounds like a Jerry Spinger reject!!!


go away

Are you serious? lol