Anderson Cooper Wants To Talk To Kidnap Survivors. (U.S. Residents Only)

Are you a kidnap survivor? Share your empowering story with Anderson Cooper during his daytime TV show -- Anderson Live.  Your story will help bring strength to others around the U.S. who have been through a similar ordeal and feel alone.

We recognize that this is a sensitive topic for many, and participating is entirely optional.  EP does not receive any monetary compensation for connecting interested members with the producers of this show,  however we know that members have shared their life experiences though TV networks in the past and have found it therapeutic to reach people around the world who maybe coping through a similar ordeal.  It's for this reason that we're reaching out to members about this optional opportunity. 

This opportunity is for U.S. Residents Only.

Please send your name and contact information to with the subject line: 'Kidnap Survivor' and we'll connect you with the casting producer. 

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Why in the hell would anyone want to be on Anderson Cooper, what a royal ***.

No. I don't.

jeebus Arsi. wtf?

No wonder you end up in jail! That sounds like pushing it to me :)

Im still in Jail. whats the worse they can do?

I think it's a valid question seeing as this isn't what experience project is about. Also since Cooper's show got cancelled.

Exactly twinzie. Am fairly curious as to what EP Admin is trying to pull here.

Sure, it's just that you get so.....personal with the dude. You almost sound like you could be his wife asking. lol

Arsi and i go way back. Its a special bond.

The dude? Arsi is a dudette.

I can feel the love


How the love feels --->

so warm and fuzzy


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Experience Project is becoming Exploitation Project.

My parents paid some kidnappers to take me away but they got caught.

No matter. You could still dine out on that story .. or enable others to do so


I was kidnapped (very briefly) as a child, the police were alerted at once and rescued me. I have only mentioned it here because it seems the only sure way you will read what I have to say. I have contacted you many times over last two years and you have not responded once.<br />
I find it very sad that your recent stories are only about media opportunities. <br />
Many people come here for friendship, laughter,and sharing, often hoping for a safe window out of regrets, abuse and pain. <br />
But it seems to me that something rotten, an exploitation, is growing in Ep and that safe window is shrinking fast :(

Hear hear Tas ! We are not here to sate their audiences' prurient curiosity and boost their ratings.......we are real people !

Tell em like it is!

well said Tas!

It's sooooooooo infuriating :(

Of course Ep get something out of it .. probably the advertising

If there there is only a true desire to reach out to people in a therapeutic way then surely it would start here by Arsineh responding to me ?
If my self esteem was a tad lower the silence could really cut me.

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I've came close o kidnap I was babysitting 7 kids and the guy kicked the door open and grabbed me I was the only Caucasian person there the others were Hispanic and one of them called the cops and they showed up just in time.. they asked him what he was planning to do with me and he was so drunk he told on him self and said I was gonna take her back to Mexico and sell her... he was here illegally and only got 2 years and sent back to Mexico and did 10 years there... it was the scariest time of my life.. I can remember everything like it was yesterday even though it happened 4 and a half years ago..

Given that Anderson's show has been cancelled, this request strikes me as odd to say the least.

And what's so therapeutic about going on television? Truly pathetic.

No, I'm not.

But unlike others, I never was afraid and am not afraid still, rather they are afraid of me, I am a born fighter...

I am a kidnap survivor but unfortunately I am an Indian where JUDICIARY is a subject of mockery for criminals, lol.

i am a kidnap survivor but i am afraid to go on tv because i am still afraid of the men who did it they are walking free

are they still around where they can cause you harm?

I am an kidnap survivor.

i am a kidnap survivor

I am a kidnap survivor!

I was taken on an Amtrak Train at 8 years old.
My mother was sleeping and a large albino man took me while I was sleeping on the floor next to her. I woke 2 or more hours later and began to cry, I was very scared! An older woman whent and got the conductor and they questioned the man but then let him go.
I remember looking up at all of them and thinking that man just lied to them telling them that I met him near the bathroom and it wss alright with my mom if I slept in his seat!
I have never been so scared in my life...
He had his trenchcoat over me and his leggs over my body and I didn't know where I was because one minute I was sleeping on the floor next to my mother and I woke up under some strange mans coat! I can't believe that they let him go! That was in about 1980 around Southern Oregon!

thank god, you are here to tell your story

When parents divorce the rights of their children are often forgotten. Custody has often been established by kidnapping. I was six years old when my parents separated. They told my older brother and I that we had to choose between them because we could not be 'loyal' to both of them. The ONLY PERSON who ever asked me what I wanted was a Supreme Court Judge. When he asked me 'which of your parents do you wish to live with' I answered him 'both'. They fought over custody until I became too old for the Supreme Court to make a ruling in the days before Australia adopted pan-American no fault divorce and established a Family Court. From the age of six I lived in almost continuous uncertainty. By the age of 17 I knew I did not want to live with either of them. I left home at 19 although you could not really call it that. It was more like an urban war zone. A similar thing happened to my ex-wife and mother of my only two children when she was a child. The Family Court has done much to end this scandalous traffic in human misery. If divorcing parents are unable to come to agreement on reasonable custody and access arrangements for their children the court imposes a ruling.

do they sell those pills that make your gas come out at walgreens?

I think so


I would Like 3 bottles of gas X delived to
1064 Finrod Ct
Westlake Village, CA 91361
thank you.

david really needs it

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I would but that was just a fiction story . I can share my experience with being bullied and cutting

I actually thought that you wanted me to appear on tv, because you thought my stories were that good haha

Yes i was kidnapped...!! But i m an indian.. It was really a horrible experience... Teo years ago...! My parents had to pay the kidnappers.. !!

Anderson Cooper be trippin sometimes. I dont know if I could consider my cituation an actual "kidnaping", but I was held against my will and threatened that I would be killed if I did not comply. Thank my lucky stars and guardian angel because I think If I had not reacted the way I did I would have been on the news. I guess survivan skills kicked in and at first opportunity I threw myself out of a moving vehicle to escape my aggressor. Would I go on tv and talk about it? Maybe not. Didnt reported to the cops because some years earlier when I was raped and did report it the Dallas Police Department told me how it was a serious charge and because I had a ticket from working at a ***** club that I should think about it even if the guy had admitted to his wrong doing. But if there are people out there who have stories to tell hope they do. What ever to make other people strong/better. Hey, maybe I would have been a stronger person regarless of the bad experience with cops and have came forward.

I was abducted by aliens many times and I love mighty Merika

my arse belongs to Jupiter

I wouldn't go that far

Pluto is only a little bit further......

I told you not to bite if you can't swallow

And I told you to give me a head tap warning!

Andersoon Cooper might interpret this comversation in a wrong way.I heard he's very.....sensitive

Could you lotion my back please?

my teeth come out ;)

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Very few people get kidnapped in the UK, very rare crime.

Kidnapping is very very rare as British people do not pay ransoms.

The British do not do this crime it has not caught on yet we are well behind the USA, our criminals are still into old fashioned crime.

It does not happen in THE UK...................GROW UP....

I am now bored with this silly question on kidnap which is so rare in the UK.gO AWAY

@timothysnickers- your second comment just made my day.

yeah but in europe in general its not rare at all..

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If it was anonymous I would be more willing to share my story.

Too bad, I bet there are some interesting stories out there.

Yeah, if you were sure that you werent going to be put out there I would to. But now in days you try to say your experiences and they can backfire on you. And before you know it your the victim but get treated like a criminal.

I know all too well

Thank Goddes i'm not American....

Thank GOD Im not a Canadian... :) you're just jelly

What does not being American save you from being held against your will and your life in danger?

The last that I heard, Anderson Live was cancelled.

I wouldn't give Anderson Cooper my spit!! He is nothing but an arrogant self seeking joke of a journalist!!! My bad. He's far from a journalist.

wow, and I assume your a highly recognized and self relient journalist who has a PhD in everything English? If so this joke of journalist is doing better than you are. I thought so, no one cares about your crap opinions because this is a kidnapped thing, not a blog.

Go **** up a bent rope!!!

@ThatGuysCorner, Why criticise her opinion on his skills as a journalist? Do you feel better trying to put her skills or education down? I care about her opinion. You are righ that this is not a blog but anyone who is here cares about opinions if not why are you?

Kidnap survivor? No. But I do know someone who was arrested for kidnapping her own daughter. The daughter wasn't kidnapped though, she ran away because she was being abused by her father. I don't know for sure but I think the father might of been raping his kids as well. Of course that was a few years ago, the mother actually has custody of them now but back then it was just stupid. The only thing the legal system seems to care about is which parent is making the most income. The kid can be suicidal and so scared of her own father that she has to sleep with a knife under her pillow for protection and the law doesn't give a crap as long as daddy is making the most money.

Yeah i do have.. But indian

You have what? come on man complete your sentences. And what does "But indian" even mean?


Is this for Real?? I want so badly to share my Story. The trouble is:
1) I'm not sure who to share with, or who will believe me.
2) I'm scared if I say anything, they, (David and Jennifer Jackson-my Captors,) will Hurt, probably even Kill me. What must I do??

Well, you shouldn't have posted thier names on here, and you should just buy a freakin gun or something, stop being a wimp and man up, or girl up... either way defend yourself or don't do anything.

1) Y shouldn't I have nemtioned their names? Since I did that, people will know who they are.
2) "Girl up"? What the Heck do u mean by that??

Well excuse me for not being scared to speak my mind &amp; say: "Hey! Girls are Stronger because of the stuff they Can do that Boys can't" My point is: The World needs to know what happened to me &amp; who did it, &amp; they need to terminate those 2 Monsters &amp;Help meme set myself right again!

Dude you're just trolling around on this story. It's time to go back home where you can express your daddy problems to somebody else.

Your username is "hannahloveswedgies". I'm pretty sure taking any advice from you would be as productive as sticking your hand down your throat.
You don't know this girl, you have no respect for her, and your on the damn Internet. Time to grow the hell up, princess.

Artsyalexis: 1) Who is the "Go Home and express your Daddy problems" reply to?
2) Who's the girl you're talking about when u tell Hannahloveswedgies: "You don't know this girl, you have No respect for her"? I'm confused...

1.) TheGuysCorner
2.) I meant him. I got autocorrected!

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kidnap survivor, yes twice. USA, yes. but id like to keep that to myself sorry

I'm the kidnapper. I have a story to tell about who and why I did it, and trust me, he deserved it. I was arrested and charged with felony kidnapping in '92, but the charges were eventually dropped. Email me if interested.

can't help here.

No.... But I did stay at a Holiday End Express last night.

when I was at primary school some one came to meet me and said that my mother wanted him to take me for school dinner at his and he kissed me in his house and said he would go and get me something to eat. I tried as hard as I could to undo the lock of his door and managed to get out. Turned out that this man made this up. Just shows you that kids can be vulnerable.

Anderson must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with this subject.
another reason why his show got cancelled....

do not qualify

My name Cameron. So anyway let me tell you my story. This is a real story.

Me & my friend Tevin was walking to WINCO @ 12am and we were haft way to WINCO then this mini van pulled up behind us and then me and Tevin started to run that's when the people in van drove faster and so me & Tevin ran and hid but before we knew it the 5 people in the van cover our face with this napkin and we both passed out. When me & Tevin woke up we were tired to 2 different chairs our feet and hands were tired and our mouth was ducked tape. So me & Tevin was trying to break free but that's when the 5 bad guys came over and slap us and told us that if we break free then they will kill us. So the guys told us that we will eat at 4am and u guys going to be yummy then the 5 guys left. That's when I try to tell Tevin if he had his phone but I couldn't talk. So we kept on trying to break free but by 4am the guys came back and untie us and put me & Tevin on a Bed like hospitals house for surgery. Then the guys told us that we won't feel a thing and that's when we heard "police put you heads in the air were we can see them". After the police but the 5 guys in head cuffs and then the undercover cops untie us from the beds and took the tape off our mouth they ask us if we were ok and that a paramedics is on its way.

This was a real story and if you don't think so then maybe you should had not read it.

the question asked was a cheap shot


I stopped a man from almost kidnapping my little brother when i was 11 and he was 5.

I screamed frantically and jumped on him he threw my little brother on the ground tried to grab me but i kicked him in his man parts. grabbed my little brother and we ran home. Then we had to go to some police station and give a report and my brother had to get checked out cause his nose was bleeding. Then they sent letters out to the surrounding schools to about the incident.

to inform*

We really couldn't do anything

My sister is a kidnap survivor but it is understood in my family we do not talk about it due to the fact that the guy got her and her three children at the time while pregnant with the fourth. There are a lot of bad memories there we would rather forget.

im british and never heard of anderson cooper.

Anderson Cooper is a vile racist hate monger. I wouldn't appear on his evil program if they paid me large sums of cash. Not surprised that EP from San Fransicko is promoting it.

Why does he want us some people like me almost died from kidnappers and I'd rather not bring it up again

That's awful! But, If I would guess why they're requesting for survivors it's probably gonna be geared towards entertainment than as a way of therapy or informing. That's my opinion. :/

Hey EP I agree that this site should not be used to find people to find guest for TV and talk shows for the problems for "Rateings" for that show, Totaly bad IDEA. Ed.

Good News: My Friend was kidnapped
Bad News: My friend is not a US Resident

Can he still be on it please?

If not, can I be taken off this eper's story notifications because I don't want to be interested in something thats for US Residents only because thats not fair if EP has more members from other countries than just the US.

I'm too fat to be kidnapped

I have a crush on Anderson Cooper. -.-

Let Anderson copper run his own TV add and not spam my phone for his TV show. I don't like copper anyway and don't watch him.


not fair to non us residents

I was kidnapped in a foreign country when I was 4 years old. I was missing for 2 weeks... as much as I would love to be on national TV and be found...then go on to become the next James Bond... CNN and it's band of merry men and fodder for the reason this country is failing.

Same here never happen 2 me

Why can't you connect us to any publishers that can send our stories for audiences to view or something innovative? Experience project should be shared with the world not just this website.