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Were You Once A Bully? Give An Anonymous Phone Interview With CNN

CNN is doing a piece on bullying and is looking for EP members in the U.S. who were once bullies, to discuss their experience.

You can opt to remain anonymous and not have your full name appear in the article.

If you're interested please email with the best phone number where you can be reached and we'll have the journalist contact you directly.

EPArsineh EPArsineh 26-30, F 162 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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I was bullied so many times. Nobody liked me, so I thought the way to make people like me was to bully other people. I bullied people everyday. I decided one day,if they dont like me its their fault and why take my anger out on somebody who is innocent. When I stopped bullying people,the girls hated me and I just took all of my anger out on them one day and they never bothered me again. Bullying is something that I will regret and never do again. If you bully people you need to stop because karma will come around and because it is the rifgt thing to do

I was bullied!!! And still am..... :(

Yeah, I was a bully but I was bullied by others as well. I have my fair share of bullying in my life - both as a victim and perpetrator.

I am not proud though of being a bully because I know I have hurt sort of tortured people physically, mentally and emotionally.

I could have said more but I live in the Philippines so I guess that's just it. :)

I was a terrible bully now this was about 13 years ago. Mine began when I was a freshman in high school I was very skinny about 6'3" @ 160 I got picked on so much I was just about to loose it. Here is where I screwed up I started taking steroids the end of the year. I shot up to about 190+ within 9 months and growing mind you I have good genetics grew very quickly. It became very obvious but I didn't care now the people who picked on me when I was a freshman funny enough wanted to be my friend. I had done this so I wouldn't get picked on but it messed up who I was it got to my ego. Then I would purposely pick on some type of group or an individual person trying to get them to react. I would purposely embarrass them in classes or in the hall ways in front of there friends. I knew this was becoming a problem in my junior year but continued because in a way I had a lot of anger built up from my past. My friends would always laugh which made it worst. But till this day I still think about how bad I was and regret it a lot one kid I really was bad too I found out he got killed and I had really wanted to say sorry but never got the chance. There is more to the story but I don't want to bore you all with hateful things I regret!

Unfortunately, I'm not living in USA . Well, i have a little opinions and experiences

No i was not a bully

Anyone who sees someone being a bully but says or does nothing about it gives tacit approval to the bully. Like the teachers at my secondary school, overflowing with BS about how WE all had to respect and honor THEM when in fact most of them were selfish lazy worthless losers who witnessed bullying every day and just looked the other way. To this day I still have no respect for brain dead cowards who eke out a living at the lower end of the food chain because they lack the intelligence, initiative, courage and backbone to get a real job. Call me a rebel if you want but if you also want an apology you may be waiting for a very long time.

This doesn't make any sense. Why would you want to talk to the bullies? Are you expecting them to apologize to the people they bullied or are you supporting the bullies? They get to remain anonymous? Sounds like you're supporting bullies.

Well I was the one being bullied though they stopped when they witnessed my "insanity". Hence, I started to beat my bullies when they **** me off be it physically or emotionally.

i was never the bully or was i ever bulled.

I wasn't a bully. I was a "Foster" kid who was moved around. I was a target for bullies everywhere I went. I was literally beaten into dropping out of high school. In the 1960s no one wanted to get involved.

A lot of people bullied me most of my child hood years and some of them were my family members and some of them still are bullying me when ever I'm around them as if it's a sick thrill they can't do without, it's a sick world.

They want people who were bullies or were the bullied?

I was Bullied in Jr High and H.S.....that was like what in 1983.....and when I mean I was Bullied,I was made fun of alot for my size and all was the most uncomfortable thing~But I am 40 yrs old now and I am happily married and have two Beautiful kids,My Life now is the best thing ever~But now I am very protective with my kids being Bullied....Hope they do not experience what I went threw! Stop the BULLYING in Schools that is all I ask pls?????♥

yes i would like im being bulled by my own teacher

Its starts out with one word. One wrong racist word. It escalates. One blows the whistle. The next counter attack occurs. Its 2011. Its an Acura. Its 2011-folks. Its one word. Its a wrong word. Its like calling a Jewish person a kyke. Calling a homosexual a ******. Calling a black person a ******. Its a wrong word. Its demorazlizing its inhumane. And bob didn't want to tell me . He said, "Let it go. Their racist pigs. Let it go". I couldn't.

My friend is black. My other friend's are black. My cousin is part black. And its on our car. And, even though he waited over a year to tell me what happened independence day; it didn't sit well with me. Some of the greatest people I have ever known who taught me things in life. Music in life. God in life were black. It hurt. And, it hurt that they could think that they could write that on our car. On our property. In our home.

So I did. I did report them...

Then they broke into the car, again. They wrote nine steps on how to end my life. That; my father had a heart attack and just to get over it. That hurt too. I suppose that was the goal. I went to my father this past year, Getting him aretha franklin tickets, stevie nicks tickets, jones beach, trips to CT. Listened to him. Felt his heartbreak of being used and abused after forty years on the job that nearly killed him. Instead, of getting that bonus from the company; He took off with a box of forty years and a big mac before he checked himself in.

The break in then went a step further. This time, writing twelve steps of how and what I should do with my life ending with "shes dead" shes' dead"!

I didn't say anything. Bob saw it. I saw it. And then by the second one I did tell the cops. "Keep an eye out on our home while where away". I said. ("Some are in Montauk as we speak. It happened almost two weeks ago. But, four are here now, and one of them knows who he is. Because he was one of the ring leaders in our car"). It was recorded. The rest are still at home smoking cigars in my foyer and Spitting, while bike riding past my home. "Okay "said the cop. "I'll keep an eye out".

"A report should be needed when you return home". The cop said. Then they went a step further. This time in the home. 68 emails later all over my computer. No more jewlery. just some cigar butts again in the foyer. They got away with that.

They thought.

I picked up those cigar butts. Took a tissue, placed it in a bag. Recorded "she's dead" when going to the park with my dog by some kid--who just happens to be the kid of the father who left those butts.

I made copies and I called the police again. This time, reporting my journals and what was written word for word. I kept walking the dog. Kept meeting John and Patty. This time a blue car talking to me screaming across the street saying "you think your so hot walk your ******* dog!" I was across from the church when I saw them. I heard them. I turned around, and I never said anything. I went back each day. Hearing more and more abuse. "Beware of her--this girl is crazy!!". "Sonny should blow up" (How did they even know my dogs name?). And, all the while I kept walking with those neighbors. Not saying anything. Then I go to my home. Another cigar butt.

Another email. Now escalting to 20-30 calls a day from Peconic bay. I don't pick them up. But I see the number. But I don't get up. (But I get those account records) Then, I volunteer with the same young adults I knew for six years. Now they get jumped on by the bullies dogs. They get phone calls upstate at their school. Calling them, asking them " Is Corinne Conover there?" They continue to harass me in a non verbal way. This time just by having, their pit bull named sprinkles jumping on my friend. My volunteer work with Asperger adults. Just because they think they can. and doing its alright--"its just her, keep on going"

Then my porch. Then the driveway. That's fun. Coming home to negligence. Because people think they can. I'm pulling in my driveway unloading a dog. Which they say should blow up. And, groceries. And the same people who broke into our car, are smoking pot in my driveway. And not moving. Just doing it. Then laughing as if its okay. The porch has dog poop on it. The rum drinking, the pot smoking on our porch. Because its okay--just her. Then in my drive way doing drugs. Drinking rum, and they don't even live their. there not even tenants. And even if they were--is that legal?

And then Michelle comes along. Nice, kind neighbor.Flat tire. Right in the front of the house. Caring mother. frazzeled. The local Baldwin neighbors, all stare. They all watch her like nothing happened. Like she's stranded and its okay. Its not okay. I go out there. I do something. I take her to get her flat fixed. Get her home on time. Get her to get that car three hours later to get her kids.

The next door neighbor that harassed me so much stood with Michelles daughters months later--saying "I HATE THATGIRL". Michelle's daughter, turned around and said "My mother said I'm not allowed to hate her".

I never saw so much jealousy, greed, and hatred in all my life. I saw it in adolescence. A thirty year old women following me to the bus stop telling me I was ugly and thensome. everyday, stalking me on her way to work. But im not twelve now. I've lived. Went to school. Went to college. Met bad people. Met good people. Met spiritual people. Met egotistical people. But, I always looked the other way. I took the good. And, I gave back to the good. I helped scape goats or the down trodden if you will; But I can't understand how people in general can be so mean in this world. We are in a war. There are domestic terrorists, crack dealers selling to minors three blocks away. Pot dealers selling to minors three blocks away. Crack addicts and heroine addicts living under the bridge five blocks away. A guy named James Parker, one block away and they are still trying to find out who shot him dead in his home. There are heroine shooters in front of my face in the park. There are murders at three a.m. on the bridge killing that crack addict .And, three months later that same person being murdered for killing that former-crack addict. There are over twenty five pedophiles in a ten mile radius in the town of Baldwin. There are some truly ****** up people out there. Racists, terrorists, drug addicts, and pedophiles, that I can think of right now all in that neighborhood. Why me? why pick on me.?

I was easy. I was an easy target. Easy to bully. Easy to manipulate. Easy to dumb down. Easy to shut me up. Easy to break in my home and write in my journals that I was a destroyer. That I was incompetant. In our home.

I have looked to God on this one. Every single day.

I have ended with a Hurricane Sandy storm.

Good riddance--no belongings. No home. No car. No sentimental value--gone. But, I have to go to God. Every single day. For forgiveness. For accepting people on their terms for what they cannot change. For accepting the home for what is no longer there. I look to God on this one.

But I'm not twelve anymore. I don't do right by being stalked, slandered, driven out, isolated, harassed, assaulted, told I should die or worse.

I look to God on this one everyday of the week. For forgiveness in my own soul. my being. That if people want to believe what they want to believe. think what I'm thinking. Pretend on false power and manipulation. So be it.

This isn't about revenge. This is about standing up for myself after two years and realizing. I deserve more. I deserve better. I have a wonderful home. A beautiful boyfriend. Beautiful friends, and family. I believe in God. Gods my maker. Gods my savior. I looks towards his light--every single day.

There was a book called Freedom is and Freedom Ain't based on Jazz history of the 60's. They called it race music before it was even called jazz. Martin Luther Jr. was a targeted individual. John Lennon was a targeted individual. In this day and age I believe in my heart Aaron Swartz was a targeted individual. Its not freedom. Its being a human being in America. And, its standing up for yourself and not going down as a target nor a victim of societies manipulations.

I stand with God. .

I remember being a freshmen in high school an riding the bus every morning. My bully would ride the bus and he would hit me, and just verbally abuse me almost the whole ride. The worst abuse was the sexual kind. He would touch me and if I didn't let him he would hit me or call me names and I just sat their like a rock letting him rule my life. He stole my ipod and sold it for drugs and he even came over to my house and hung out with my little brother. he made me wait on him, i had to bring him drinks and stuff. All sophomore year he did the same..he graduated before I came back as a junior. I don't know where he is and I don't care!! It was HORRIBLE.

I also remember in my algebra class in high school girls picked on me. They left a note on my desk once that read this
"You think you are pretty don't you? You act like you are skinny it's disgusting. You are fat. You should kill yourself. God you are so disgusting. Bye fatty, Love, us"
I remember seeing it and the teardrops dripping off my face. and they asked if I got the note. I said I don't know what you are talking about. And they got mad.

Bullies suck.

To callie17dirge, I totally agree w/u. I was bullied all jurnor high, dreeded going to school everyday, guy's used to use me for punching bag, teacher never did anything about it. u loose your self respect, selfesteem, I guess it takes all u life to get over it. I also agree bullies suck

I was bullied frist and I started to bully my bullies when I finally stood my ground and said enough is enough I mean I wasn't just going to let them hurt me you have to be crazy to not stand up for yourself. And when I finally did they left me alone I only did one time and it was only them . I never messed with no one but they took my kindness for weakness and that's when they feared. Plus made a lot new friends that day .

Maybe this is something a bully might say, but who cares? Is this crap really news worthy? Kids bully eachother, they always have, they always will. It is how they decide what kind of behavior is acceptible to them and their peers. In other words, its how humans develop socially. Most of those whom are bullied grow up to be happier and more successful than the people that bullied them. This idea that bullying is a huge problem in the U.S. is a media created problem designed to enrage the masses. Why dont you p,u,ssies at CNN try reporting real news instead of creating it. Seriously, you give investigative reporting a bad name when you focus on such nonsense!!!

I was a victim of bullies,at primary school,so new full well how it made one feel.In high school i had a tendency to friend and stand up for people that were being bullied.

I also do not live in the US.

I come from both sides I was bullied, then I became a bully

I'm bullied in high school a lot. and i still am. i question myself now and days about why am i bullied what did i do to diserve it. i question life and my faith now and days i show no feels or emotions. what's the point in it.

Do not question yourself because it is not YOU!! It is them. They are the ones with the problem. Stand your ground and do not take their mess. Live your life the way you want and don't let anyone stand in your way.
My bullies are cracked out today, either living out on the streets, or at home with their parents. I own my own home, car and in my 3rd year of college working my way toward a successful career in the criminal justice field.
Once school is out, you do not ever have to see them again because you will move to another part of town or even move out of town.
Be safe and take care.

I was bullied in high school because the person was jealous of me. Then when I went to church or over this one certain person home, she would bully me because she was jealous or didn't like me. When I learned to fight back that's when they left me alone and they actually wanted to be my friend afterward but the damage had been done. Now I have boys and I am stressing the fact of not picking with people and that it is better to just walk away unless they put their hands on you.

I got lucky never was bullied or was a bully. I made fun of a girl in elementary for not washing her hands after going to the bathroom. I was the quiet one everyone feared :P

Luck had nothing to do with it , it was you , your personality , how you got raised , and who you are , no luck , just you
thanks for sharing

Bullies suck!!

i get bullied all the time its a daily thing for me and i was used to it from the beginning since ive always been looked down upon by people but the thing is i could easily become rich and famous for writing books and have been able to do so since i was 12 also im not a us resident.

I was pretty ruthless in junior high

Hi, Q. Is this for people who were bullies? or either way. I would never bully, but was bullied in junior high school, thanks

I was never a bully but never got intimidated by anyone, including teachers.

Sorry, not a US resident.

where are you form Boltt , and have you ever been in the US ?

I was a bully always sticking up for the underdog . But today's bullies are much different than back then. Its not to be taken lightly when kids are killing themselves or must go uneducated in fear of going to school .Bullies today are a breed of there own .

The bullies are the same , the kids that do not know or have not been taught how to deal with them are different , not the bully
We live in this video game world, kids are brought up on all the TV and games , and guess what there is no reset button , you must deal with the situation . and on top of all of this , The Parents , ( oh my God the Parents )
My dad told me that I should respect others first of all , and make sure that other respect you , and yes that meant fight back when necessary , and if my dad ever found out that I was the Bully , ( I don't even want to think about what I thought would happen to me ) And before all of you start talking back.
I was never a bully , nor I was never bullied , and no I was not one of the lucky ones , I lived in an age of respect , not the Parent do everything for me world , I lived in a world when you earned things you got from your Parents , not give me , give me , and not even say thank you . the world of Respect , and help your Parents , do not wait until they yell at you to do things , look to help them out, Not today's world of a 22 year old that her mother does her laundry for them , I bought my own car at 17 ( four years of a newspaper route ) so why be surprised
Parents just give them everything and do not care what they do , yes you do not care , what I mean by that , when the kid is not looking to help you out , when the kid does not care if you are tired or not , you failed , you do know what or when they do things that means You do not care, not because you bought them the video game system or the new cell phone or the new car , they never earned it . and I shall apologize to the Parents who make them earn it and have kids who respect them , but those kids , let me say it again
those Kids are not either the Bullys or being Bullied .