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Seeking Guests For 3 Talk Shows --Moms Who Like To Party / Young Stepmoms / Partners Interested In Spouse Swapping

A popular TV Network is seeking guests to discuss their experiences and lifestyle.

If any of the below three topics are relevant to you and you have an interest in appearing on TV to share your story, please email with the best phone number the TV producer can reach you with.  Also, please specify which show topic you're interested in.

(U.S. Residents Only, please)

1.) NEW TV SHOW wants to interview MOMS who PARTY and are ready to discuss their fun-loving life style.
Are you a mom (or do you have a mom) who LOVES to PARTY?
Are you the one DRAGGING your son or daughter out for a NIGHT OF FUN?

2.) Are you a YOUNG and outgoing STEPMOM?
Are you a STEPMOM raising kids YOUR AGE or OLDER?  Are you HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD, but struggling for power with your STEPCHILDREN?
Do you CONSTANTLY get mistaken for your HUSBAND’S DAUGHTER?
A new TV show is searching for WOMEN who want to share what it’s like to be a YOUNG STEPMOM!
3.) Ever WISH you could TRADE SPOUSES with a FRIEND?
Do you have a close-knit group of MARRIED FRIENDS? Do you all JOKE about what it would be like to have a DIFFERENT SPOUSE, but are secretly dying to find out?
We are a new REALITY show ready to find good friends who TRUST EACH OTHER enough to TRADE SPOUSES.

EPArsineh EPArsineh 26-30, F 41 Responses Feb 1, 2013

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And such a gentle, sweet young face. . . so, exactly how much do they pay you to write these post? Have you considered renegotiating your contract?

Snicker, snicker. . .

Maybe I don't understand what EP is all about but this post seems odd and out of place.

Never wished to trade spouses or step kids that's why I got married

i could be... let me know how it works.

Or how about a single person trading lives with a married person so they can each see how the other side lives

How about single workaholic just to pay the bills and live pay check to pay check moms.

I'm interested in spouse trading, but would never get the wife to agree..guess I'm out of luck

I'm a male and not qualified.

We are a couple looking for a female lover or a TS lover will that do?

none of those things apply to me im 15 and a male.

There is too much judgement going on here, lets stop judging and let people live thier experience while you live yours.
Love & light to all <3...

I have a feeling the people this interviewer is looking for are people they can exploit for money.

I think you're right NotSoPoliticallyCorrect. Apart from the fact that I live too far away AND I'm an older male I would not appear on this show because the guests have no control over the image that the Producer wants to project of EP and the people who use it. If he thinks that EP is a spinoff from FB or something and wants to present it unfavorably (which is NOT my experience by the way) the guest will have no control over the editorial policy. Just my opinion for what it is worth.

Its worth a lot for protecting women from appearing on this bullshit.

Ello I'm a 24 yr old mom & step mom my hubby is 54 & I love it and am proud!!


I'am a young mother rasien a stepson almost my age with two kids of my own and it's hard

I would love that

so much to love..... feeling so lonely just be good


"TRADE SPOUSES" I don't think its right to encourage people to do this immoral act, marriages are broken and couples are getting separated and such acts will encourage more people to fall in wrong relation.. indirectly this shows will break many happy married lives. I will request EP to use this site for making community a better place... Thank you..

Trust it to be AMERICAN....... AGAIN, how the hell do I sign off this service so it doesn't take up one of my notifications!!!!!!!!!!! *Ponygirl Is Now Really Stressed* What about TV Shows in the UK ever think of that EP!!!!! or are you not listening to us.

Why would any one swap one's wife ... :( ?


It's better to create a programm about those moms who really love children, even if they are not their own mothers... Nobody supports them, they just live in their small world...and nobody cares. But that's truth of life... I understand- most people enjoy to see just a stupid show about the senseless things like parties, bse the truth is too bored... Sucks... Wish you good luck with your senseless way of life...

Oh god...Haha.

I hope this is a fake propaganda. I would find it so disgusting to be director/producer of such a show. ANd no it's not because I am gay.

I THINK Cartwright wrote THIS story :D


Set aside the fact that this is garbage TV and everyone knows it. Who are you people to judge, seriously. Let people do what they want, stop exacting your sense of morality upon them. Nobody is forcing you to do anything, if you only want to date people your age only date people your own age. **** off out of other peoples business.

I remember when EP wasn't advocating sleazy things like this. I guess EP is all for wife sharing.

Could be. Im not bothered by the diaper people as much as the wife traders and the pedos.

No thanks clean and sober now wouldnt ever want to tell about my life while using on tv well unless it was to try in help get someone clean. But no thanks lol then i would have CPS knocking at my door

Ammm With a name like "Crowbar" maybe you have your gender mixed up?? Sorry