Have You Dated Someone Online Who Had A Fake Profile and Deceived You? Give An Anonymous Interview.

Give an Anonymous Interview: A popular magazine is looking to for women around the world (18-32 years old) to interview about their experience dating someone who faked a profile and/or deceived them.

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Yes My now husband told me he owned a business and was worth several million. Told me had never been married and found out that he had twice. Well for better or worse after 4 years of dating we have been married a year so thats a total of 5 years

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Sometimes when we feel lonely and everyone else alive is unreachable, we naturally wanted to fill what is empty and chooses over the most convenient decision, technology and internet is wonderful and it spells convenience, we seem to participate the channel of technology and we get overwhelmed by the power of communication ; who communicates us or by whom we want to be communicated...either or who we want to become or who and what we want to feel, see, and have conversation with.. ....some of us don't bother if that fake turns into someone significant and lays flat when truth comes out it will hurt us so bad that it has never reach our expectations towards them....it all started within oneself getting in touch with what we imagine and conformity towards isolation.....to imagine someone beyond wonderful online pertains to your thirst', just like any variety of water you want to drink in, whether clean or contaminated just to quench it out....well dirty water will end you sick :)

Its really easy to tell if the profile is fake :D
Don't make a fool of yourself
Even those people you knew offline goes fake when they get online,,,

Dating online is a freakin' spam :/ I mean really people who are online and dating at the moment are being trick most thee time. Because the screen pic could be a damn picture from a weird website, or the person might post the opposite sex/gender I have met many people who dose that

No and it will never happen



no.I think it's so stupid

I was not too innocent to be like so but I used to have a virtual friendship which I had to pay by being hacked 2 yahoo accounts, gmail account, youtube,...

Never...... And I dont want to be a victim of it because I've heard about it a lot and if am so desperate in looking for someone I'll better get all the information about them right ....rather making a fool out of myself.

Whats a fake profile?...how do you tell a fake from a non fake?..I mean most of them may be fake anyways.

I haven had sex for 11years am all way ther i am not comfident with ladys truth suxs god

Really? 11 year?

I had this happen once...my god i ran for it!!

my mum put me up on a dating site and didnt tell me, i got into it and found a date, id been speaking to him for ages. We decided to meet up, my gut instincts was on radar, something told me to get him to wait out side this pub and id turn up late.
I saw him and walked past him into pub and ran through kitchen :o
I felt bad though and went back to talk to him and asked why he was not who he said he was.

Also met my ex online, he was perfect but after getting into a relationship i could see he was false when we first started talking, ended up with me in a refuge :(

Dont date online!

My current partner used to date online before he met me and juggled several women thinking he was the big guy lol

No, but I've "dated" someone online many years ago when I a lot more ignorant than today.

No because it's not safe

it not happened with me but have wish to do it wooooooooo i love sex with new people

You would be surprised how many men out there think it's "hot" to pretend to be lesbian women. I have found enough to not even try online dating sites, anymore. It's really sad.

i have got some very near friends through internet.....i have never been cheated..
if u r having a relationship....then u must have the confidence and trust on the person....which only comes through communication and taking interest in partner's personality

actually i have experienced dating someone online but he did tell me his true identity, we chatted and we meet and it came to a point that we had a serious relationship for 6 years but we also broke up and until now our friendship remains.My say to this interview. well as we all know the technology today has been a big impact in our lives, it makes our life easier as well as online dating now so maybe the person just hiding his/her true identity just to protect him/herself also to those people, because there are some people in the cyber world that just using someone. We should be responsible enough so that we don't get fooled by others=)

I havent

Have had a lot of guys who said they was girls never met any cuz I all ways chat on phone. Or cam and check there info out

Nah. I don't date people I just met online. Trust issues and all. :))

What about guys that met someone online with a fake profile ?

I have dated quite a few guys from online and I was never decieved. Which was surprising. I thought I might come across someone whom would have decieved me once, but nope. I have heard about it happening before though.

so much dodgy stuff..... especially the ''women'' - who actually have willies ;)

I know what do they get out of it? ! ?

Not that I'm aware of lol -.-


Nope, have yet to date someone from online.

I think I have a pretty great story for this but I'm not sure I want to contribute.

I was on plentyoffish.com, where I met my current boyfriend. I had gone out with alot of guys, no one was 'the one', but especially not this particular fellow. I had been chatting with him, and we talked over the phone. His picture was sexy, but not anything unbelievable. We ended up setting up a date and when we met up I knew right away it wasn't him. Thats when he said, "How important are looks to you?"
I said, "Important. But not as important as honesty." I was already out with him, so I continued on the date and he was a very nice guy, good conversation, treated me nicely, just really NOT HOT. And it pissed me off that I was fooled, so when I got home I reported him to pof administration, and decided to never go out with him again. If you can't even be upfront about your looks then who knows what else you're hiding.
Granted, (and this will sound superficial) I wouldn't have gone out with him if I knew what he looked like upfront, but he needs to fish for someone who could accept him for who he actually is.

lol anyone who asks that question probably has skeletons in their closet ;)

He was nice as hell, so it made it hard for me to be mean, but he could've been a total psycho if i reacted the way i wanted to when i saw it obviously wasn't him.

No. I haven't dated someone who faked a profile but someone else had done it. *close my eyes with utter disgrace* When I was 14, I had a fake Facebook profile 'cause I didn't want my friends to find me online. So there was this guy who was from Qatar and knew much about the crountry I live and had friends over here. We were talking each other so much, almost saying everything. I was glad to have him around 'cause he seemed to be a really good friend. Nevertheless I never told him this is not 'the real me'.

I never had feelings for him. Yet he did. So after few months he asked me to be his date. I was shaken. I knew I might would have feelings for him but all this was fake. My name, religion, school they were fake. I said "let me have sometime". He said "okay". And later he tole me he'd come to my country near-a-day so we can meet there. *Shaken again*.
I was foolish. i could've told him the truth and I knew he'd accept. But I was 14 and stupid. What I did not was going online. I meant I did go, read the fb posts but pretended like I was never there. He was missing me and I was missing him, too. But I was afriad to tell him the truth.

So 2 months later, I deactivated my fb. That thing really haunted me with sadness and hatred about my own self. I never got to fb again, even as a true person. I knew he was heart-broken that time and I never can forgive myself for doing that nonsense. It happened 4 years ago but I'm still ashamed of that. This is why I think 14years shouldn't be online.

no ... i haven't dated online and get decieved....

i got decieved with one of my ex whom i meet in real life....

he wasonly after my reputation and money....

but thanks GOD........ i got aware of his intention very early :)

*raises hand shamefully* I met him on a site for people about 13-29, how safe was that? Anyways I was 18 this guy started messaging me. He didn't have a profile picture at all. I asked him for a picture he always came up with the most stupidest excuses. Then he kinda started to trust me and started telling me his real age. At first he told me he was 21 to 19 to 20 his profile said he was 22. But he told me he was 30. Yet I decided to be a creeper and look him up online to find out that he was 38 and that he also lied about his name. So I came up with a devious plan to mess with him to scare him off that site. I made a new fake profile and waited until he messages me, which he did. I made a google talk number to text him with. And eventually he suggested we oovoo chat. So since he already knew what I looked like I put on a wig and a hoody, a mask and a scarf to cover my face. We video chatted and I was super disappointed. He wasn't a sexy older guy, he looked like freaking Mario from the Mario brothers. But I only seen his eyes and he was in a dark room. Anyways I was trying to get a good look at his face but I got just enough., so I started being obnoxious to him to the point that he avoids talking to me now. So I'm gonna need to keep making profiles and torture him ^^ for deceiving me.

Nope I havent

Yes i have. His name was "Anthony" for 3 months he talked to me like he liked me. Then I found out it was a girl named "Katherine" so i got her at her own game. Lol

i dated someone online, but i dont think he is fake


Nope. Haven't been "catfished".