Not At First

My wife was an exotic dancer and escort when we first got together.  She left the "business" when we moved in together.  She had stories, she had lots and lots of stories.  I had a few of my own, but nothing like hers.  For many years we just did not bring up the past.  I really didn't need to hear about how many guys had ****** her.  Plus some of the stories were about how attached certain guys became and how many marriage proposals she turned down.

But as time as gone on, that has become a long time ago so now I like to hear the stories.  In isn't but the last few years she has become comfortable telling some tales that are rather explicit.   The fraternity stories are some of her favorites.  She was in her late 20's and early 30's and got "hooked" up with a couple of local fraternites.  She would show up, (usually drunk) and start taking them on, one at a time.  I guess they had some things worked out amongest themselves because every once and a while a guy would come in and eat her ***** clean and then she would start ******* them again.

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She says she usually woke up the next morning having no clue how guys she had ******