I don't know if this really counts but i think my first "crush" must have been when i was about 4/5 years old :) can you have crushes that young? haha! I met this boy on holiday who would have been about 7 or 8 at the time and he was on his second week of his holiday and i was on my first. I met him at one of those little kids club things that your parents send you to when your abroad, and so everyday i would basically just play with him, as kids do i suppose, and then every night my mum would meet up with his mum and dad at like the hotel bar thing - where they would have like a stage where they would put a show on for kids at about 8 or 9 o clock and then the adults at like 10 or 11 - and we used to sit and share a milkshake or juice and a packet of crisps. I can't really remember much else about him apart from his name was paul and he had blonde hair lol. The last thing i really remember about that holiday is that i was devastated when he left, i cried for ages. It's 10 years on now though and i actually think it's kind of funny when i think back to it.

If that doesn't really count as a crush then i suppose my first major crush was a few years after that just before i turned 10. I had moved house at the start of the summer and i met this boy who's sister was the same age as me but he was a year younger, so i think he would have been coming up for 9 and i was coming up for 10, as i said lol! Well i met him a few weeks after i moved and i was out playing in my front garden and his grand and grandpa lived next door to me - the way my house is their garden is my garden too if that makes sense - and he came outside and we just started talking and then i was with him all through that summer and basically everyday i was with him. I couldn't be at school as we were at different primary schools but after school and at the weekend and during school holidays i was with him all the time. It was nice to have a friend that was a boy that was just so sweet - i got bullied at my new school so i loved it when i got home and he would be there and i could just be myself basically - so i basically had a huge crush on this boy for about 2-3 years, then i went to high school. We both went to different high schools and i started to see him less. And then his gran died and so he stopped coming down as much, and when he did i would usually talk to his sister as i suppose we just grew apart. I barley see him any more now and i really do miss him and how close we used to be. It's five years later now (i'm 16) and whenever he is down at his grandpa's house i occasionally talk to him but i just feel like it's not the same any more and that it's kind of awkward. I remember when we were younger and it must have been a year after i had first met him and we were outside and this boy who went to my school was throwing stones across the road at me and the boy i had a crush on turned round to me - and i can't remember his exact words - but he said that he wouldn't let any one hurt me and i just thought this was the sweetest thing ever (considering we were only 10 and 11 and the time). So anyways as i said we don't really talk as much as i would like now infact the last time i talked to him would have been at christmas time when i messaged him saying "Merry christmas :)" and he wrote "you too" and that's the last thing we said to each other. I miss him and i have his number but i' always too scared to phone haha aw well it was nice while it lasted. He really is the sweetest boy i ever met :)
Kazafcb814 Kazafcb814
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Feb 15, 2012