My First Crush In The Elementary School

I had a first crush when I was in the 5th grade. So that day my teacher moved my seat next to him and we were getting closer since then. we were getting closer because we played a same game and we talked a lot about it.

he's a positive person, smart, friendly, and I like him. until someday he asked me if I have a crush, and I said yes! then he asked me who. I whispered to him, "it's you..." he looked really surprised and he asked me again, "really!?". I didn't believed what I just said and I unexpectedly said to him, "NO, I'm just kidding! I don't have a crush right now" I lied. I couldn't control my shyness.

few days later, we talked again about crushes and I asked him about his crush. He told me the first and the last letter of her name... and nobody in our class' name match! I hoped the girl was me, I asked him, "that girl... she is... me?" and he answered YES! yeah it's awkward. we didn't talk for the rest of the year.

*sorry for bad english*
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1 Response May 8, 2012

You can learn from old mistakes. There's no reason to not talk if you know you like each other. Is he still single? Do you still see him? Well, TALK ABOUT IT, WITH HIM, because you're gonna be in a world of hurt and sorrow if you don't do that.<br />
Then again, you're very young, I understand if you're shy about it, but, from a 16 year old guy, I can honestly say that there's no reason to hide your feelings from a person you like.<br />
I hope only the best for you and your future!