Lena - 2nd Grade

When I was in the second grade there was this girl named Lena. She was cute. Her first name was Brittany though she went by Lena, and one time when I got home from school my sister went through my **** and found a letter written to me from a girl named Brittany. It was one of those crush letters and my sister gave me hell. I never did anything with it. The next year was when I started gaining weight.

Later, in the eigth grade and about 100 pounds heavier this girl named Brittany who sat next to me in history told me about when in the second grade she had a crush on me in the second grade... and she was a fox and Lena was actually across the room.

To finalize I should of made my move and if I had done so maybe life would have taken a slight curve to popularity and stuff. I got humor instead and it has made all the difference.
didsomeshit didsomeshit
22-25, M
May 20, 2012