Well it wAs 2 years ago and I wAs 11 she was sitting across from me at school and at recess she asked me to come over and she asked me who my crush was and I said her and she was stunned but she said me to so next year she invited me over in the midst of puberty her parents where gone to supper she was upstairs on her bed and she told me to come over to the bed and get in so I did she then asked me who my crush was again and I said the same thing as before so did she she asked me if I knew wat sex was and if I could have sex and I told her yea and she took my hands and put the down her pants and made me rub her vagina she then pulled her pants down shirt off revealling her DDs to me and undon my pants and was sucking right away she's is doing it as I type
Hunterthenonvirgin Hunterthenonvirgin
13-15, M
Jun 3, 2012