My Best Friend, Joey<3

It all started about a year ago. He was dating my best friend at the time and i had no idea who he was.
so i was hanging out with her one day and her phone was gonna die so she asked me if she could put his number in my phone and text him from my phone just in case it did die. i of course being the great friend that i am said "yeah sure, i dont mind." so she put his number in my phone and right after that her phone died. so she had my phone all day that day.
The next day she left and i didnt hear from her for weeks. I didnt think anything of it and still dont to this day.
a few week after that i got a text from him askin if i'd talked to her lately cuz she wasn't reply to his texts and that she usually replys right away so he was getting worried..
knowing my best friend like the back of my hand i was thinking" shes prolly gonna break up with him." i mean she has four boys she sticks with and if she gets bored with one of them she breaks it off with them and goes back to joey.
I tried texting her and i didnt even get a reply. then i knew yeah shes gonna dump him. i then told him that she wasnt even replying to me and not to worry about it. i didnt wanna upset him..i could of been wrong.
the next day i texted him and asked if he'd heard back from her yet. he said yeah and that they indeed had broken up.
Joey and I talked all the time after that.. one day i was txting him and i noticed that i was tlking to him like i'd known him forever, usually i'm really shy and only have the "whts up?" kinda convos with ppl i just met, but with him it was different. we clicked right away. i even told him that i was talking to him like he was my best friend. he said" thats just proof that we were meant to be best friends." from then on every time i texted him i always said" Hi best friend(: and we could txt all day about the most random stuff ever.
a few months rolled by and he started acting different so i asked him what was going on and he said " nothing, guess what?" of course i then asked him what and he went on to tell me that he was dating my best friend again. i gave him a big lecture about it. they had already dated at least seven times by then and why try again uk? he got really mad at me and quit talking to me for a while. about a month later i went to school and harlie, my best friend, was talking about some guy and i asked her if her and joey were still dating and she told me no. i didnt ask why cuz i really didnt care. That night i went home and decided to text him. He didnt seem mad at me anymore, that made me pretty happy.
I then realized i didnt just think of him as my best friend i proceeded to tell him that i had bigger feeling for him and all he said was oh. a couple weeks later i found out he was dating harlie yet again.. i was thinking oh great now he's gonna get hurt again. That was around homecoming..of course they were going together.
i'd never seen him in person before. i had no idea what he even looked u guessed it i just liked his personality. he was my best friend of course i loved it! my parents dropped me off that night at the back of the school. what were the odds..right as we parked harlie and joey go out of her step dads truck. as soon as i got out i seen him and instantly i was like woah!
I kept gettin mad at him that night cuz i kept trying to dance with my best friend and everytime id walk over there and tlk to her he kept pulling her away and started making out with her. a little bit into the dance we all went and sat at one of the table and harlie told me too kick his butt. idk why i would but i did just beening goofy and messing around. he kicked me back,it was pretty fun. The dance was over and we all left. I didnt talk to him or even think about him for months after that.

April of this year rolled around and i started hanging out with my friend stephanie more. I didnt know this at the time but she was dating Joeys best friend dylan. (i didnt knw dylan was joeys best friend that is), but i did already know dylan, really well. she asked me to go to dylan's party with her. who would say no to a party.. we went.
when we got there dylans brother greeted us in the yard. we then went side and everyone was huddled up in this little are before u go all the way inside...Jared, dylan's brother was intruducing everyone by then. I'm super shy so i was looking at the floor..he said joey and i instantly looked up. Being from a small area i didnt know anyone named joey but my best friend. He was standing right infront of me, i mean he was probably like a foot away from me. when i looked up he was looking at me. probably because jared introduced us first and he heard my name. we kinda just looked into eachother's eyes for a minute. all that was going thru my head then was " no, that cant be joey." I had completely forgotten what he'd looked like by then. Jared then pulled us inside while joey and dylan stayed outside, and started talking to us all. jared probably talked to me for a good 20 minutes and i didnt hear a thing he said i was too busy thinking about going and talking to joey. a few minutes later i ask jared what joey's last name was and he told me. He was indeed my best friend that i hadn't heard from in months...jareds mom over heard our conversation and went and asked joey" hey joey do you remember ****** from kincaid. he was like" yeah that's my best friend." she then pointed at me and he look and face turned bright red, or it felt that way anyways..i didnt talk to him all night that night..until me and stephanie we're about to leave...joey was walking to the barn where the band was playing and me and stepanie were huddled around the fire infront of the barn..i was thinking" this is your last chance to talk to him, do it!!! so i said" thanks for talking to me best friend...It caught his attention. he started walking towards us and said" hi." we then talked for like 10 mins. until my ride got there. I was so scared to do this but i asked him for a hug and he gave me one..this was no ordinary hug tho...he grabbed my ***. i was like woah!
For the next couple days i kept talking and thinking about him nonstop. I finally asked stephanie to ask dylan if joey liked me. He did!
Me, stephanie dylan and joey all hung out everyday for the next couple weekends.
March 9th, 2012 rolled up and i talked my big sister/ best friend into going out to dylan and jareds with me and picking joey up. we got there and instantly went up to dylans room. me and joey sat next to eachother on the couch in his was awkward at first cuz dylan and stephanie were on dylan's bed making out so it was really quiet.
Joey then put his hand out and i grabbed it That made the awkwardness even worse.
Dylan sat up cuz he heard no one talking and seen that we were holding hands. He then told joey to ask me out or there was gonna be a problem.
Joey said no and i was thinkin " why the heck not?" an hour went by and we ended up laying on the couch and dylan and stephanie started making out again. I had my head on his chest and looked up and him he was laughing at dylan..idk why but he was. i was like what's so funny and he was like nothing. I then said even tho i didn't know" ik what ur laughing at..thats ur boyfriend over there.he was like" no its not, im already taken. i said " by?" and he said" u(:" i was like "ohk" he then said" its official." I got so excited then i had to go tell amber( she was across the hall in jareds room) i tried to get up but joey wouldnt let me. he was like" ill let you get up but you have to kiss me first." I did and it was amazing! i finally had what i'd wanted for a year. we dated for 3 months and then he moved to tenneesse with his mom cuz him and his dad werent getting along. that caused us to break up cuz it was hard. that was about a week ago..we still love each other and both know our feelings for each other. I miss him so much! what i love tho is we still act like were dating it isnt any different. I hope he comes back by the end of the summer tho. ive never met anyone like him. He's most definately my other half(:
Joeysgirl23 Joeysgirl23
Jun 6, 2012