Real Crush

I got my real crush in 6th grade her name was Aasha. You don't know how many times she caught me staring at her. My all time record is a minute, she was looking down and I was staring at her chest (she was reavealing big time) out of nowhere she looked up, in shock I jumpedĀ and sprained my elbow on a desk lol. She showed little intrest in me and acts different around me. My friends told her that I said she has a big *** which I was only staring >_>.
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

I have gotten over my crush over the summer and developed a new one on this girl named cianna. I told Danielle my friend that happens to be a girl cause she's been bugging me about it and then told Cici. The next day Cici confronted me and she said is it true what Danielle said? I would smile due to nervousness and say no. A few days later she tried to talk to me saying "Adam I want to ask you a question". I always avoided her. Today, in Texas history class, I got a seat next to her and she told me that she liked me and asked me out. I was shocked and accepted of course. She told me she's been trying to ask me out ever since but I've been avoiding here that's why. I'm currently going out with her.

She broke up with me the next few days. It was the day we were going to kiss. I wasn't talking to her. She felt that she was nonexistent to me. It's just that I'm a shy person. Thank you for the time you have spent with me. I love you Cici. ;_;