I was in second grade, you're always innocent then. I was raised wonderfully so I never knew of anything bad or what other people consider bad but others don't. His name is Michael. He was in fifth grade. It was the end of the year too, so that was the last year I though I'd ever see him. I never talked to him (I think) but that didn't matter at the time. I decided to tell my best friend who was in fiftth as well. Her reply was "Michael ____?! He's a jerk!" LOL. That's how I learned what a jerk was. First bad thing I ever heard about. Off topic. Four years later and I start going to his house because I'm friends with his sister. Surprise! I still like him, or like him again. And then a year after that I wind up with him and he's my first kiss. He's a bit of a first for everything.
BittersweetHarmony BittersweetHarmony
13-15, F
Dec 6, 2012