My First Crush Began At 10 Years Old And It Finished When I Was 39

I posted this story on a 20th year high school story site but it is also the fruition of my first crush. It was a long time in the making but it was an "affair to remember". Cheers!

I’m as certain of the beginning of this story as I am of the end. All of my life I had known somehow that this was going to happen, just not when. And who would have ever have expected that this was it but why not?

"When he walked in the door it took her back 28 years to when the brash young boy first walked into her classroom as a new student in the middle of the year. She was a very shy but good student and he was very confident and almost as a student as she was. He was kind of a smart *** and wasn't that popular when he first arrived at the school but he was very fond of the shy girl I was and would walk by my house and visit with me and it made me feel very good. When Valentine's Day came around he showed his interest in my by giving me 5 valentine's cards, I really really liked him. It was "puppy love" and didn't end up in our having any kind of grade school romance and even though I was still attracted to him in middle school and high school he had become popular and I was still shy. And then I graduated and went on with my life.
Then there was the 20th year high school reunion for my class, and I went."

She was attracted to him then, just as she was now drawn to the gorgeous man now standing in front of her.During the course of the evening they both visited with each other as well as all of the other classmates gathered for their 20 year high school reunion.. Not paying that much apparent attention to each other yet aware of each other’s presence. Just as it had always been. How could two people be so distant to each other when it had always seemed so apparent to everyone else that they were really drawn to each other? As the evening progressed more and more people left and eventually they discussed leaving together. Still cool though.
They made small talk as she drove her sports car home and eventually they were touching each others hands as they pulled in her driveway. They walked in the door together and went to the couch. A few small moments of talking occurred where they admitted they had had a crush on each other since the fifth grade. Then they tentatively kissed and it was good! From there the clothes were ripped off and they make mad frenetic passionate love. It was as if their bodies were made to make love, every part fit perfectly, Even at 38 they both had hard bodies and youthful looks to match, neither had ever been married or had children.. Was it fate, or just circumstantial evidence. The felt like they were 10 again with all the experience and passion that living 38 years will give a person.
They spent all night in each others arms and in the morning she dropped him off at his brothers house as she had an obligation to fulfill that morning so she couldn’t find out what the natural progression of their relationship might have been.

"The events are true and we never saw each other again, but it was a nice ending to a thirty year crush."
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Dec 6, 2012