I Was 13..

November 2003

I was home for the holiday and my family decided to do some bbq party with his friends at home. The house was full with my brothers friends, my sister friends, the neighbours and some relatives. i hardly know anyone. So i decided to run upstairs and watch tv. When i arrive, i saw him. He was sitting on the couch with the remote on his hand.

Who is this guy? I wanted to watch the tv!
I thought to myself

But i still hang around and he asked if theres anything i wanted to watch. I told him no i dont mind.
We sat there, just the two of us, watching tv.

But inside me, i was nervous, i was fidgetting, my heart races, i dont even know what was happening
I was busy forming questions in my head to ask him. Then my brother got upstairs and get him.
Oh, he was my brothers friend, we might never met again.
That was what i thought.

We ended up being kinda close.

We hang out almost every weekend. I would also tag along with my brother and him to the movies or anything

We never saw each other during those years. But our memories together were enough for me

We were arguing, we always do that. It was fun for us.My brother would says we're like kids. Then suddenly he says,

"You know what, we should really get married. I think you're the only woman that can make me go crazy"
I was speechless and shocked. Even my brother was. But then i told him "who would want to marry you"

November 2012

He told me he was getting married and ask me to attend his wedding.
I never go, nor did i plan to. Like i could.

Ive fall in love with others but for me he was special. Even now. Well maybe i need to get over him, he's freaking married now. Haha

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