I Think He's The One...

     Now I'm in the seventh grade and I've liked this boy since the middle of sixth grade. Sadly, EVERYONE in my class knows I like him, including HIM. I was always scared of what would happen after I told him, but it was all good, because he took it seriously and didn't mind that I liked him. I've heard rumors that he likes me, but I don't think they're true, because sometimes I don't trust some people in my class. It wasn't really much of a big deal in sixth grade, but it was in seventh grade. You see, our class is full of pre-teens with raging hormones, and some of them know A LOT about some "stuff" college kids don't know. So, there was this field trip with some kids in our class to Six Flags and we all had a blast, and of course, my crush was there. All day I wanted to ride with him and I did, but it still didn't matter that I liked him.

     Then, there was this school science project and our teacher chose our lab partner. First let me tell you about the project: we would be with a partner and would would "have a baby", since this is science, we we're learning about traits and genes, anyways, since we all found out that our teacher would have to choose, we we're all so worried on who we would be with. I was up first and my choices were: my crush and this other boy who liked me.HEADS or TAILS, it was HEADS and it was my crush. I was so happy, and my classmates reaction was so "wow". They were clapping and cheering and since him and I sit next to each other, everyone looked at us and our reaction was "OMG, this is so embarassing!" We both covered our faces. But, we went on with the lab and it was surprisingly fun for the both of us. This was a moment to remember.

     I just wish I could know if he likes me or not, I just hope I find the answer soon!

-A kizzyboothang original.


kizzyboothang kizzyboothang
13-15, F
Feb 22, 2010