I Had To Start A New Life Very Suddenly

Itcould have been much, much worse for me. My cousin in New Jersey lost his house and car.

Hurricane Sandy actually freed me from a terrible situation, but I wasn't ready to have to leave my home.

I'm 31 and after a turn of bad luck including an illness that kept me out of work for six months and an accident that left me unable to walk for two months and with PTSD, I was living at home with my alcoholic and abusive parents until I could get on my own feet. It was a depressing situation.

I was working a job where my boss constantly singled me out and bullied and and I couldn't get enough hours. I felt trapped.

Hurricane Sandy happened and I lost power for about a week. I lived in my house without heat and power for a few days until it got bitter cold. Then I went to stay with an ex boyfriend. Something happened to our heater because of the storm and my father wasn't getting it repaired. Instead, he and my mother were sleeping in a two story, old drafty house with two space heaters. This went on for about three weeks.

I didn't know how long it would last, however, so I stayed where I was. I found two new jobs and quit my old one.

I'm surrounded by people I don't know now. This is a positive change for me. I'm doing what I had to do. But it was shocking, I wasn't ready. It's been about a month and sometimes I look around me and think who the heck are these people I'm surrounded with? What is this life I'm living?

I'm just going day by day.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Well, bless you and good luck. And may all those people who surround you be stellar ones.