Spring Break At Lake Havasu, Arizona

I thought I'd share my Group Sex experience.  It happened at Lake Havasu, during Spring Break, last year.  I was 17 at the time!

Boats ...especially SPEED boats, are very exhilarating to me.  I always get sexual, when cruising on boats.  Having wind in my hair, sun on my almost naked body.  I love crusing some lake, spending my entire day, wearing some brand-new, ultra-sexy and ultra-skimpy bikini.  

...and of course ...Sex on open water ...nothing can beat it!
When speedboats ride waves, they sort of “bouncy bounce” me into sexual pleasure. Even more fun is sleeping on a boat, anchored in some cove.  That's more sexually stimulating.  I love snuggling in a soft blanket, watching moonlight "dance" along the water, the stars twinkling above.  Gentle waves lap the bow, the boat softly rocks me, back and forth. I become my "senses."  One with water, planet earth and my body.   

Open water represents total freedom to me.  I can wear my bikini all day.  I have no lanes to follow, no rules to obey.  That weekend I went out with my friend and her boyfriend.  I had recently broken up with my boyfriend.  They invited some single guys to keep me company.  My friend was hoping one of the guys might "FIT" me for a relationship. I had been totally UN-SEXUAL, until that weekend. I ended up flirting, with all the guys; one thing led me to another.
…Well here’s the story:
That weekend, there was so much sexual energy.  It literally flowed through the air and water.  If you’ve never done a spring break in Lake Havasu, it’s totally wild N crazy.  You’ve got sexy people on the shore, sexy people on boats.  Sexy guys in nothing but board shorts, sexy girls in nothing but thong bikinis.  Some girls are wearing almost nothing. 
Everyone is getting hammered on alcohol; some are smoking pot, some both!  Sex is like "in the air." People are breathing sex; they're constantly kissing each other, feeling each other up in public.  They're doing things in front of everyone! 
Here's a few photos of a Lake Havasu Spring Break, to give U an idea:

Looking back, the entire weekend was totally wild and crazy.  It was very sexually exciting and pretty stupid. I went with condoms, expecting to maybe become involved with perhaps one guy.  I ended up getting involved with ALL the single guys on board. 
I usually stop things at intercourse, but that weekend, all my rules slid overboard!   I planned on sleeping in a small camping tent, but ended up sleeping on the boat four days straight. 
Here’s a picture of the single guys that weekend:

We couldn’t fit our camping gear plus 8 human bodies on that little speedboat.  The guys decided we should all stash our gear behind this rock, about a mile from Copper Canyon.  I sort of “went with the flow” and put my stuff with their stuff, thinking it would be safe.  I hop on their speedboat.  I’m in just a bikini, no sandals, no hat, no shirt, nothing else.  I only took my little fanny pack, which had essentials like my driver license, money and sunscreen along with my girl stuff (lipstick, mirror, comb, toothbrush and condoms).  My friend and her boyfriend stashed all their stuff, because the guys said it would be okay there.  We all trusted them. 
We get back two hours later, all our STUFF ...GONE!  my clothes, underwear, sandals, shampoo ...Everything was ripped off. I had nothing to wear, but a skimpy, string bikini, for four days.  In the end, it turned out very sexually stimulating for me.  And as you see from pics above, that’s what people wear at Lake Havasu.  Here’s a picture me in the bikini I wore (all 4 days) on a little speedboat:

FYI -  I washed my bikini every day ...in the nude of course ...We all took transom showers on deck!

My sexual initiation happened only 30 minutes after we dropped anchor.  We stopped at a private, little cove called Whipple Bay.  It was probably about the time our stuff was being ripped off.  I remember I was on the bow.  I was just getting a six pack of cold beer from the storage compartment.  The single guys all looked at me and I smiled over at them.  I had to bend way over, to get beer from underneath the deck.  I sort of “showed off” while doing it.  After that we got drinking and one thing led to another and we ended up “partying” together and when one of the guys wrapped his arms around me I didn’t pull away or anything other guys started to do the same.  After that I kept getting more and more attention from the guys.  I sort of told myself to not do anything to upset them, or to pull away and be unfriendly.  I just decided to let guys "play with me" if they wanted. 
Whipple Bay is pretty private and when the guys all realized they could touch me, wherever they wanted, the sexual energy between us cranked up to HIGH volume. 
After maybe an hour, we were all getting “WARM”, physically and sexually.  We decided to go swimming inside the bay.  The water was perfect temperature and felt so refreshingly cool.  I ended up getting kissed in the water.  One of the single guys swam up to me.  I had grabbed hold of the anchor chain.  We sort of looked into each other’s eyes.  Next thing I knew:  He puts his hands on my shoulders and kissed me right in the water.  I kissed him back, hard, right on the lips.  I remember smiling at him.  I put my free hand around his neck and kissed him back again, this time giving him a little “French-kiss.”   All the other single guys were like swimming around me, looking, staring, and wondering?   …Did she just make her choice among us?
After that I kept being followed by the guy I had just kissed.  He was acting like he WON me already.  I hated that feeling.  I didn’t want him like that, like a boyfriend.  I also didn’t want the flirting to end between me and the other guys.  I wanted to stay available, make me a contest.  I wanted sparks, electricity, between me and ALL the single guys.  I also wanted to be some ENIGMA, a mystery girl, they couldn’t figure out.  I swam over to another boy who was grabbing onto the bumper guard.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and stared up into his eyes, while I floated in the water.   
Then I did something totally wild and crazy.  It was probably not smart, a bit “uncontrolled” anyway, I reached back and untied the strings of my bikini top and tossed it onto the deck.  I swam topless for maybe 30 minutes, just to “even score” among ALL guys.  I guess I wanted to liberate myself from “one man wins” rules. 
After swimming topless in the lake, the guys ended up coming over to kiss me.  We all sort of fooled around in the water.  It gave me TONS of sexual confidence; I was very “excited” being topless around all those guys.  I could sense the guys were getting ready to come out of the water.  I had a decision to make:  Do I get out topless and stay that way?  Do I put my top on again? 
I went over to the boat and grabbed my top.  As I started to put it back on, I was “strongly encouraged” by all the guys to stay topless.  Being I needed sexual “confidence” restored, I decided to get out topless.  I stayed topless on deck about 30 minutes, and then a boat came by us.  Havasu has a topless rule, so I put my top back.
Later that afternoon, we headed back to retrieve our camp stuff.  We planned to camp out, just north of Parker Dam.  But when we got to our stash location, we found nothing!  Somebody ripped off all our stuff.  We ended up going back to the boat and decided to spend the entire trip anchored on Lake Havasu.  The boat was pretty small.  It had no toilet (head) and only a transom shower, basically a portable deck shower. They look like this:

At night, we all slept together on board.  We had to pee off the back (stern).  Fortunately the boat had a bow sun lounge, which is where the single and I guys slept each night.  We let the couple, my friend and her boyfriend, sleep on the bench cushion in the rear. 
That night we all got drinking.  We all felt totally bummed about getting ripped off so we all got pretty drunk.   As the partying continued under blankets, the guys and I started petting each other.   My girlfriend was trying to set me up.  She already had a BF.  She basically gave me “permission” to do what I wanted “sex-wise” with any of the single guys.
I remember partying on deck.  Stars were twinkling in the sky.  I could hear the gentle “slap” of water under the bow.  The guys started touching me.  Their hands slowly, softly start caressing over my bare skin.  I just wore my little, string bikini.  I even thought about removing my top, but I didn't, mostly out of respect of my girlfriend and her BF, who were not yet sleeping.  They were giving me "space" to get to know the guys.
But after they went to sleep, me and the single guys stayed awake and kept partying …Well after midnight.  We had enough “privacy” on the bow to “play” together.  I wasn’t thinking sex or how far we might go.   I was just enjoying the moon on the water, stars in the sky, the feeling of tickly fingers over my slightly sun-burnt skin.  I just remember my body feeling super alive that night …the whole weekend actually.
I remember pulling the strings of my bikini top loose.  I remember fingers moving up to my naked breasts.  Shortly after that, one guy went into the deck storage and pulled out a big, soft blanket.  We all decided to go underneath.  The guys were still wearing board shorts; I just wore my bikini bottom (no top).  I remember hands all over me that night, caressing me, tickling me.  I remember feeling fingers caressing over my bikini bottom, then one bikini string slowly pulled loose.  When it came untied, I sort of spread my legs a little, if to say I’m okay with this.  Soon after, I felt the other string pulling loose.  I felt my bikini bottom slipping off my hips.  The loose strings tickled as they slipped over my thighs.
I lay naked, under a big, soft blanket and let guys tickle me EVERYWHERE.  Feeling the gently caress from one guys hand is one thing, but feeling the caress from five is another experience altogether.  My hips actually began to quake from the experience of so many fingertips caressing over my body.  The pleasure was totally exquisite.  My entire body "tingled" with sexual excitement, not knowing what would happen next.
I remember turning my head and seeing the face of a guy smiling at me, I lunged out my tongue, it hit his lips.  He opened his mouth, his tongue touched mine.  We locked in a soft, wet, lingering French kiss.  All the while, I kept feeling fingers caressing, tickling, and probing my entire naked body.  A few moments later I roll over on my back.  I turn my head to the side.  I see a new set of sexy, lustful eyes, penetrating me in the moonlight.  Shadows paint over his face.  We gaze at each other “lustfully” for only a moment.  I push my lips toward his; he kisses my lips twice over.  We probe each other with tongues.  Right at that moment, another tongue blissfully kisses around my nipples and breasts.  As I lie on my back, my body gets kissed, tickled and caressed all over.
Two boys simultaneously start licking down my body, starting with my breasts and move slowly down, probing my skin, tingling me with delicious sensations.  They slither their tongues across my pubic bone and together, collectively, lick lower.  One tongue licks across the left side of my mound, another tongue licks down my right side.  Then both tongues lick over my bare, shaved pubic mound.  I remember feeling breathless, filled with sexual excitement.  Slowly ...both tongues push further south ...Toward my totally wet, tingly-alive, "SEX-ACHING" vagina! 
Suddenly, I feel the exquisite sensation of two tongues licking over my entire pubic region.  I’m kissed and licked into ecstasy!  The guys on deck end up going crazy on me.  I’d never been licked, tickled, caressed and fingered like that.  It got me so HOT …so excited, I basically surrendered myself to sex that night. 
I remember sort of rolling over, wrapping my legs around one guy’s waist.  I felt his hard on, I grabbed his head and pressed him into my wet, aching, vaginal opening.   He rolled on top me, mounted and took me into ******, right in front of his friends.  I remember wrapping my arms around his neck and gazing up at the stars twinkling above me.  I began to feel my vagina pulsate with sensations.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the first of several "orgasmic" pleasures that I would experience that weekend. 
In the morning, we sailed into Party Cove (Copper Canyon).  It was chock full of boats and party people.  I remember trying to swim in the lake, it was so full of boats, I could barely swim in the water.  By early afternoon, we were running low on Beer.  We only had two bottles and I was super thirsty.  I told everyone on board, I’ll “score” more for us, if you let me drink the last two bottles.  After chugging one bottle, I asked our driver to tether our boat next to a boat with 4 guys.  They were all drinking beers on deck.  I asked the guys if I could “skim” a few bottles.  They said they could only spare a few. 
Out of curiosity, I asked:  “What do I need to DO …For a whole case?”   They said come over on our boat for awhile.  I remember chugging down my last bottle and hopping on board their boat.  All the single guys were like looking at me, totally jealous and such. 
When I got on board, my girlfriend said she had to PEE REALLY BAD and also poop.  She told me she HAD to hit the shore, for a potty break, way too many people were around us to pee in the water.  I said okay and she immediately unties our boat from anchor and heads into shore. 
After that I asked the guys on board:  “Okay what I need to do for a case of beer?”   One guy immediately asks me to remove my bikini top.  Being I’d already been topless the day before and night, I just untied for him, like some s.l.u.t.t.y, "beer-crazy" b.i.t.c.h!
I got thinking THAT ALONE, would give me a case of beer.  Unfortunately they weren’t going down with only that.  One guy hands me a beer.  He told me to sit and drink awhile with them.  I’d just chugged two bottles, I was already feeling tipsy, but I wasn’t going to miss out on a full case.  I drank with guys and one guy wanted to just touch my breasts.  I’d already gone way further, with the boys on board our boat.  I sort of “promised” to score more beer for us, so I let him touch. 
There’s something about being caressed almost naked, by someone you don’t even know.  All the while, three other guys you don’t know sit around and watch you.  Both you and them all drink beer.  You look over at them while you guzzle.  They’re watching you like a pack of hungry dogs.  Your nipples harden with the touch of his hands.  Your mind wanders to dirty, sexual thoughts.  You realize you don’t know these guys.  You’re doing something sexual, just for beer!  ...I got this "Dirty-girl" feeling, visions of prostitution and dirty sex ...Coursed through my brain.
Moments later, the remaining three come closer.  I’d just given a “hall-pass” to one guy, the others wanted same-same.  A second later, four guys have their hands on me.  I’m quickly becoming totally excited.  In a “breathless” voice, I ask:  What you want for a case?  Without a word, the guy touching my breasts, picks me up and carries me below deck.  Their boat was a small cruiser, with a little berth below deck, something like this:

Next thing I remember was "Frenching" two guys like crazy.  I’m not sure why I did it; the whole experience just got me "dirty-girl" hot.  I remember getting on the bed and kissing the guys.   I remember guys licking me down below.  Both guys kept licking me, I decided to suck them.  We ended up all doing this (Group 69 Thang), two guys were watching us through the birth door.  They were just drinking beer, watching us. 
I remember smiling up at them; I sort of curled my finger and waved them both in, to join us.  The berth was so tiny, they could barely all fit.  They came inside, one by one and took off their shorts right in front of me.
By that point I was completely naked and ready game for anything.  I looked at them and said:  “I’ll do whatever!”  Just wear condoms …I don't got any.  I won’t go into details of all we did together, but afterward I gave them all blow jobs.  They asked me to swallow their loads …So I did …Mostly bcuz I wasn’t gonna lose out on a FULL CASE of beer.
I remember hanging on deck with them, waiting for my boat to arrive back from the shoreline.  I spend maybe another 40 minutes on deck, just chatting and such.  The guys asked me to sit with them topless again.  They all wanted to caress my boobs more, while I drank another beer.  I remember drinking two more bottles with them.  I was basically getting hammered and my nipples got hard again from their touches.  I stayed totally wet down below the whole time.  I felt totally dreamy.  My hips twanged with almost morphine like feeling from my *******.  As their fingers “twiddled” my nipples, I felt the start of perhaps another ******.  Then our boat returned and tied up.  I was still topless, the guys kept their hands on my body.  I just sat there, drinking beer, with this BIG SMILE on my face.  I could see the guys on our boat were becoming like “totally jealous.”    One guy went below deck and came back with this full case of Heineken.  I put on my bikini top and he handed me a full case of beer.  I carried it to our boat and passed it to our guys on deck.  After that I blew kisses to all the guys and hopped back onto our boat.  I waved and smiled and said goodbye.     
Later that afternoon, we cruised back into Whipple bay.  My girlfriend had picked up soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste on the shore.  At sunset, we all took showers on deck.  Being I needed to wash my bikini, I went last.  There were three other boats in Whipple bay.  Havasu has nudity laws.  I decided to wait until it was dusk. 
I remember I got totally wet first.  I slowly removed my bikini top and washed it.  I remember looking over the bay, and after a brief pause, removing my bottom.  I showered totally naked and washed hair and my bikini bottom after that.  I remember everyone looking at me.  I was the only one who showered naked that evening, there was like no room on deck, to shower in private. 
My girlfriend’s hubby was like right behind me.  I remember seeing his face grinning.  He was like right behind my ***.  I had to bend over, so shampoo wouldn’t drip on deck and I bent way over, because my hair was long.  I pretty much knew that I was showing off my bare *** to my best friend’s steady boyfriend.
I sort of hung over the deck rail while I washed my hair.  I felt something touch my ***.  Her boyfriend actually slapped my ***, while I washed my hair.  I remember turning and smiling at him.  He smiled back.  My girlfriend didn’t seem too upset with him or me. 
After that, I hung my bikini on the rail.  I rinsed off my hair and body with cool water.  After I toweled off, I went to the sun lounge.  I let my bikini “air dry” on the boat rail.
I remember walking casually to the sun lounge.  Three guys were up there, watching the sun set.  I sat back, combed my wet hair and watched the sun blaze lower in the sky.   I sat totally casual, like I wasn’t naked, with one knee bent, kicking way back, resting my feet on the cushions.
After a couple minutes, I turned and laid back, so I could just gaze at the bay.  I put a leg against the side cushion, like I’d forgotten I was naked, baring my naked vagina, to all the guys sitting with me.   As I kept staring at the sunset, totally engrossed, I noticed the guys staring down at my spread legs.  I remember slowly spreading wider, as I kept watching the sun set.   A few minutes later, the rest of the group came to the bow and sat around me.  We all watched the sunset together, nobody spoke a word.  It was a super cool, almost serene, with a spiritual calm sweeping over our group.  I got this peaceful feeling inside which lasted through the night.
My friend and the guys went into Havasu city to pick up dinner steaks and red wine.  One guy went down into the deck storage and pulled out a Japanese Hibachi (firepot) and cooked us steaks.  After dinner we all sat around for a bit.  I remember all the boats in the bay had gone for the night.  We were alone on the water.  I remember my girlfriend, she like gazed over at me.  I was totally naked at the time, just lying on the lounge cushions.  I remember her boyfriend kissed the back her neck.  He whispered something in her ear. 
The next moment, she removed her bikini top and slid next to me.  I looked into her eyes and gave her this soft, sensuous kiss.  I’d never kissed her before that night.  I remember she kissed me back.  After that we both played with each other's bodies on deck.  I remember I kissed her breasts.  Her nipples hardened.  I licked all the way down to her tummy.  I slowly untied her bikini bottom.   As her bikini fell to the deck, all the guys (including her BF) slid over and joined us. 
A few minutes later we all got into this awesome kissing, caressing session. We later ended up getting into a 3-sum event, including 69s and intercourse and after that, the boys and I snuggled underneath the big deck blanket for more fun, before falling asleep together underneath the twinkling stars.   
...It was one of the many "highlights" to a fantastic weekend. 

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