Definitely Falcon

I had a very vivid dream ones , not entirely sure if it was a “dream“.

In the dream I was on the back yard of some house. It was very sunny outside. Then the color of the sky changed into purplish red. I looked up in the sky and saw a cloud formation in the shape of a huge palace. It looked similar to sultan’s palace with mixture of red and purple in color. I started to walk toward it and then run. It was truly amazing. Then the palace started to disappear while I was trying to run even faster then it was completely gone. I was very disappointed but then I saw a big bird coming down from were the palace was and he was flying down toward me. All of a sudden I felt the claws on my arm without experiencing any pain. I looked and a falcon was resting on my right arm. I got so exited that I did not pay attention to what the falcon had in his feet. I started to run and calling my family out of the house so they could see the falcon on my arm. I kept on saying “look, look there is a falcon on my arm. Then I woke up and could not believe that it was a dream, all that time I though I was awake.

In the days that fallow I read something in the book to verify the experience as not merely a dream but something very meaningful and in great detail actually. That is another reason why I love books, the Messengers speak to us true them right when we need it most. Synchronistically the same day I saw a falcon perched on the cable wire.

I see falcons as a helpers and also as messengers.

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Would love to read your story PriestessTheresa! I think Raven is a very clever bird.

Mine is the Raven,<br />
I used it as a stage name and I still use it.<br />
she is my dark-side. I would love to tell more but I have to get back to work.