Am I Bi ?

ok i know that i want to try sex with another guy  and have fantasized alot about it, i still love women and everything about them, i just want to see what im missing. i think that im confused alittle about why i want sex with a guy but no emotional strings, i can open up to a guy easly and talk about things with out hiding anything, well for the most part, atleast to everyone here, in my everyday life i dont say im bi because of m job position, and never would i say that i wear adult diapers, but its nice to chat with people who understand here. i cant wait to have my first bi experience and tell all of you the details, is there anyone else that has advice on this matter? im a single dad with kids and there isnt alot of time for social mingling, i dont know where to even start looking to meet a guy, and how do you even bring the matter up? im not the kind of guy that is carless and wont go out at night looking for unsafe sex with anyone, my kids are the most inportant in my life so i put alot of my needs on hold,  still fantasizing, still ************, still willing, but what do i do from here?   help !  sighned  soaked.

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Yes, you are bi. All the term "bisexual" means is that you have interest in sexual activities with both the opposite gender AND your own! And you clearly have that interest. I myself only came to accept my own bisexuality within the last two years, though in hindsight I have clearly been bisexual since I was an adolescent. So now you just have to make it happen. Craigs list can be dangerous. I'd use AFF and/or SLS. Depending on where you live, there are others too. Send me a PM if you want to talk more.

Excellent advice, jsluvr. I am also a father of two, 17 and 21, and I also feel that they don't need to know every detail of my sexuality, though if either one was to ask, I will talk about it in a discrete way. I am not yet divorced, but will be soon, largely *because* of my bisexuality... my wife cannot handle the idea of me enjoying men as well as her, and she *certainly* cannot handle ANY sort of perceived "infidelity". For me, the bisexual thing is just a new area of exploration... I am NOT giving up on women, in fact what I enjoy the VERY most is three-somes or group sex, involving both men and women... once you get over the hang-ups that such things are "wrong" (as most of us seem to "learn" during our upbringing), there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! Why NOT enjoy phsyical pleasure with others, either one-on-one or in a larger setting. It's not for love, it's not for procreation... it is for physical pleasure! Personally, I don't see myself falling in LOVE with another man... I think I could only feel that deep, emotional, erotic love for a woman... but I can certainly feel desire and friendship with a man, whether sexually or in a more ordinary setting. But caution is always best, and I have so far ALWAYS practiced safe sex in this sort of setting.<br />
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And soaked, don't obsess on "why" you want sex with a guy... just go with it! And how to find the experience in a safe way? Well, in my area there are social clubs which can be found simply by googling. If you want more help, send me a private message and I'll see what I can do!

I commend you on your love and thoughtfulness where your children are concerned. I am a divorced father of two grown girls ages 18 & 23. My ex was bi and I am; but, that is a side of me that they don't have the need to know. I want to ask, is the diaper thing a fetish or due to incontinence? Some bi/gay men would find the fetish arrousing, personally I'm sorry to say I would not. I do enjoy oral and some anal play with men. Just, as you already know, be careful. There are some strange people out there and even worse diseases. Hold your cards until you're ready to play them and then enjoy yourself. EP is a wonderful platform in which to reach out to other like minded individuals with relative anonymity. Best of luck to you!

My bi experiences started late after I turned 30 but I had always been attracted to **** and not necessarily other men, That being said I have enjoyed exploring this side of me and welcome discussions from others considering exploring and acting on their bi fantasies

Bi married here. I am happily married in a great sex-full relationship. She's bi and knows that I am too. I love to play with **** and *****. I get horny when I see a hot lady but looking at men does nothing for me, but when I see a nice hard ****, I get hard as a rock and want it. I've met many married men who love **** in both their mouths and their ***** lol, as do I. I haven't played with a huge amount of **** but the men I've found to be the horniest and willing to do almost anything, is the married men such as myself lol. Cheers to all those **** lovers lol

Married, but don't have sex with anyone but myself; wife is disabled. **** has taken the place of our sex life; all I know is my **** gets harder faster looking at a beautiful shaved penis. I would if I could and knew no one would ever find out suck and be sucked.

I agree with Silly, I had my first bi experence at an early age also. I am not sure if that had anything to do whit or not but growing up when there was no such thing as a computer it was a lot harder to experence these kind of things. In my late 3-'s early 40's and getting online I finally gave into the urge. I meet a guy online, traveled to his town, he got a room and I had the best sex of my life. I have tried like a lot of guy's to put it on the back burner or ignor it but you are what you are. For a long time I was a versatile top but now I lean more towards adn love being a versatile bottom. There is just something about a **** that I don't think I will ever be able to just give up wanting.