There Must Be More!

This is a very American website. I'd like to start a few more UK-biased 'Mature' groups, starting with this. I'd like to get to know more UK-based bisexual people - male, female and all points between. It's always good to communicate with people who think in the same language. So lets communicate. Who knows, we might even get to meet up and have some fun!
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Durham here for fun and frolics

Co-erced - or seduced? Sadly it's all up-front these days. I have some great memories of being seduced by older guys when I was in my teens. The first time a guy put his hand on my thigh - with obvious intent - was electrifying, and when I reached out to touch his hard **** - wow! Nowadays everyone wants to be 'open' - it's taken a lot of the excitement away, although just knowing a man is gay/bi and open to some fun is still very exciting. I'd love to seduce one of you shy guys.

I'm in a steady straight relationship but often get desires to try the other side. I have gay friends but even if they wanted to do something with me I dont think I could do it with anyone who knows me and my gf.<br />
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If (like buntinbee suggests), I was co-erced into something then I could cope better.

Bi guy here, live with my girlfriend but addicted to surfing for amateur pics online and chatting to other bi men about wives, girlfriends, crossdressing, fantasies. Would love to meet up with a likeminded guy someday!

Great idea......have had experiences in the past, wife bi-curious and would love to watch me get a guy off x

No experience at all, but would love to ne co-erced into it. I would love to chat about it though.