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that would be interesting choice in jewelry...:)

Two sets of cuffs... one set for your left wrist and left ankle... the other set for your right wrist and right ankle... you have your running shoes and your cheerleaders skirt on and thats all... You and I are in the high school gymnasium lights out and no one else there... just a little light from the exit signs... its warm and everyone has gone home for the weekend after the Friday night sporting event...

been telling you guys i wanted pictures....yet to get any though!....LOL


thats no fun....gotta tell!!.....{grins}

LOL...just wonderin'

who are you locking up tbay? {wink}

oooh .. keep the key handy .. lock up or get locked up on some bars of sum sort . or the heater ? .. half way to public area, half way so u can get away .. if . u need to hehehehe<br />
<br />
thats secually ..<br />
<br />
as for other life purposes .. u can use em like to escape from sumwhere high , if theres a cable u need to slide down ..<br />
<br />
if u have many cuffs, u could link them to tow a car or be towed ..<br />
<br />
if ur playing a game of horseshoes and are brave enuf to use ur own equipment , u could use ur "lucky" horse shoe sporting equipment

oh goodness....LOL<br />
<br />
that will teach ya....

haha! use them for sex. or to arrest naughty ppl.<br />
hey get a sexy police officer costume and let your bf or husband be the naughty boy and well you know......<br />
it's fun and the sex is absolutely amazing!<br />
need to stop, i'm so f^cking wet now!!!

yes they do...<br />
I am from the soon to be new rainforest.....<br />
prefer flat bungies....<br />
<br />
tee hee hee