Where Did I Get All These?

I just hung 'em out to dry. My collection of feminine undergarments, intimate apparel, whatever you would like to term them. You wouldn't call them granny panties, jockeys, or briefs that's for sure. I don't dare put them in the regular wash, where my 96 year-old Grandma might encounter them.  As She usually beats me to the flipping and folding portion of laundry day.

Oh, and i do find it  sort of funny that i was just over checking out another group I started, entitled "I Haven't Worn Underwear Since High School".  Which, incidentally, today of all days saw it's gain it's 2nd member join up it's ranks.

Anyway, let's see, 2 pairs of "hot shorts'; 2 g-string/bikini type; 5 assorted pairs ranging from Zebra print those silky, rose-colored satin ones, 2 lacy pair, and another 2 pair of my girlfriends.  
Sooo...13 Total I think.
3 of those are my girlfriend's.
And well, one pair are directly off of Her and are excluded from the wash for , er special reasons.

I'm not even going to ask the question that comes next in my mind.  OK, I might as well share now.
"If f i don't really wear underwear per se, then how did all these get dirty?

And for the record. My girlfriend loves for me to wear panties when we're just hanging out but, " She don't do EP", so i decided to join this group in proxy, sort of, since i really haven't checked out a lot of other guys who wear panties.  
Finally, She picked out and I purchased every pair.
Hmm, Do they have "tailor made" panties, i wonder?
johnnybliss johnnybliss
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6 Responses Jul 17, 2010

@M219. Excellent approach. I'm finding that as I grow older, my tastes are becoming way more finicky. The only place I can find a decent T-Shirt is American Apparel.

My latest are from Victoria's Secret. OMG, they feel soo good. @mtraitt: i'll check 'em out!

i just bought three pair shopping this evening.

I must have over a hundred pairs of panties. Buying them is half the fun. esp when my wife and I pick them out togther

My favorite pair of panties, by the way, are the ones that have my "engorged member" filling them out.

panties always seem more comfortable,except the thong style,will be wearing 24/7 as my pants replaced.