Men In Paties Rule!

i have worn nylon panties 24/7 for the last 25 yrs. they feel so good and sexy that all guys should at least try panties.  I KNOW THEY WOULD BE IN HEAVEN!

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10 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Total Vanity Fair loyalist here. I wear VF (and the occasional Shadowline) 24/7. And it's not even the idea of crossdressing, although I often wear very gender-neutral girls jeans as well. It's simply the most comfortable, supportive and wonderful underwear to wear.

Lingerie is the only thing for me, for decades now.

well said...glad you've had many years of enjoyment!

Have wore panties most of my adult life and would never go back to mens under ware love my panties and wife is ok with it. ")

Yep, I wear and love panties too. The first time I tried them I was hooked. The feel is so much better and way more comfortable than ANY mens that I've ever tried. Its panties only for me.

i love to wear panties ive done it for years now

I like to wear silky panties, where to buy silky panties, I want to use everyday.

I absolutely love wearing panties.Have worn panties for 45 years and wouldn't wear mens underwear ever again...PANTIES ROCK....

Yes I am sure more men would wear panties if they tried them,course as U no they gotta be the right sz and style!!

The feel of silky nylon is incredible. ALL men should try wearing them once and I'm sure it wouldn't be the last time. I was hooked when I tried on my mum's silky nylon full slip when I was 12.