I Don't Believe Her

During an especially energetic episode of love-making, I asked my wife to tell me one of her fantasies.  She said she couldn't think of anything, that she didn't have any.  I pressed it a little, but then dropped it, for fear of killing the mood.

Now, I know my wife has been a little kinky with at least one former lover, and we have watched ****, been to ***** clubs, and even did it in a booth an adult bookstore.  We can talk pretty openly about sex and we both have a very good sense of humor.  We've joked about things like me wanting to see her with another woman or have a *********, and I think she knows that I was less than half-kidding.  So why won't she tell me something, even something relatively innocent?  I brought it up again another time, but got the same response.

Either she really doesn't have any or she does and doesn't want to share for some reason.  It's frustrating me.

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Thank you naughty girl, I love you! When the stars and moon align just right, my wife and I have the most intense interludes. She will make graphic confessions to me, and it sends us both over the edge. The next day I am supercharged and make one mention of the night before and I am accused of harassment? We men need a manual to help understand the ladies. I don't wish to be overbearing. I only wish to understand her feelings.

My wife was the same way at first,and she would say she couldn't remember.If you check out my stories you'll see exactly how she ending up telling me every detail of her past sex life.

one day my wife open her mind during bed time,she like my close friend,she is physically attracted by him,she is saying he is taller and bigger than me,when he visiting our home she is very happy and <br />
love to mingle with him

good luck

Thanks for the female insight... help me make sure I get your point with the following summary...<br />
<br />
you're saying that we can't believe what the women are saying ... they really just want us to lovingly push again ... no doesn't mean no... it means if we're willing to accept rejection after rejection, be gentle (not pushy) eventually the women might open up?<br />
<br />
This is very difficult for men to understand and accomplish since on our planet...

OK, I'm speaking from that "other planet"..... some female 'insight' for you boys and god knows it sounds like you need it (particularly Mr "married2bf"!! Just can't bear to listen to it anymore!!!<br />
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We all have fantasies, women are not that different from men deep down, we just have different ways of talking and have been conditioned since birth to have a reflex 'girls aren't meant to say that' somewhere inside us, no matter how hard we may or may not ignore or overcome it.<br />
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Mr JP5440, why don't you start by discussing the 'concept' rather than immediately asking for the details? Ask her if she would be interested in talking about fantasies at any point?, explain that you have them, and offer a copule of 'safe' (!) ones up of your own. Tell her if she doesn't have fantasies at the moment, would she be interested in creating some with you? <br />
Be gentle, don't be pushy, but do ask and do keep asking. On this one ocassion (and I mean this one only), when women say 'no' they might actually mean, "I'm saying no, but you can keep asking and gradually I'll get a bit more confident". Take the lead by sharing intimate stuff with her and doing it with fun and care. If you do this well, sensitively and humourously, I guarantee that after a couple of goes she will start opening up.<br />
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And if that doesnt work, there's always wine...... !

it is wonderful that you wrote this comment. I wish more women would be forthright like this to help us men all understand their wives. We are just trying to spice it up and are looking for some cooperation/participation. Good to have the insight

Women are from a different planet. Part of the problem they have with sharing fantasies is that we (men) will make them *** true and many women don't believe their fantasies/freedom should be acted on.

Yeah, and that makes me all the more curious! Any ideas on how to get her to open up? I suppose I'll just have to lead the way and share more of mine. But I've already told her some stuff...

Sounds like she's just embarassed or scared of what your reaction will be.