My Wife's ************ Story And Fantasy

This morning I had been woken about 4:30 up by the baby wanting a bottle of milk. After getting the milk I laid back down in bed to get a little more sleep. After laying there for a while with my eyes open, I realized I was not going to be able to just go back to sleep...I needed something to relax me a little.  I started thinking about my hubby and how much I missed him (as I always do). Very soon my mind started to wander to naughty thoughts about him and us. I was wishing he was there with me right then to take me, kiss me, and make love to me.    I started to imagine that he was there with me and was tying me to the bed. He placed a blindfold over my eyes. It made me so hot and excited wondering what he had in store for me. He got up from the bed and I heard him rustling and moving around. I was so anxious to see what was in store for me. After a few moments he (or so I supposed at first) climbed up beside me in bed. He started stroking my bare breasts. It felt so good as his strong hands caressed and squeezed them. While still rubbing my breasts, he leaned in and began to kiss me. He started with a passionate kiss on my lips, probing my mouth with his tongue. Then he began to kiss me all over my face and finally on my lips again before moving down a little lower, kissing and biting my neck and shoulders on his way towards my chest.    I wanted so much to feel him and touch him, but with my hands tied I was unable to move. As he was kissing my neck he reached down and ran his finger up the inside of my thigh and up to my stomach. I was getting so hot now. He loved to tease me so much and began running his fingers gently all over my body, driving me crazy. His hands now returned to my breasts and began to massage them and pinch my nipples. As he was doing this, I was very surprised to feel someone else climb up next to me on the other side of the bed. This second person started teasing me with their penis. He placed it on my forehead and then began stroking my cheeks and lips with it. I was so shocked but turned on so much too. I had never been hotter before. I wanted to taste it and suck it but he wanted to tease me it seems and pulled it away before I could wrap my lips around it. I could not believe that as I lay there blindfolded, I had one man's hands and lips roaming all over me and another man teasing me with his penis...and I had no idea who was who, if my husband was one of the men or if they were both strangers.    As this was happening, the first man began to lick my legs, starting at the knees, kissing and licking his way up to my inner thighs. As he leaned across me to lick and kiss the leg father away from him, I feel his hard penis and balls rubbing against my leg. I was so hot now and kept wondering so much whose penis that was that I felt.   The second man that had been rubbing his penis on my face had now resume teasing my lips with his hard member. I was so hungry for a taste of it. Finally I lunged my mouth forward and caught it, trying to suck it so hard that he could not pull away. I soon realized he was enjoying my eagerness so much also and had no intention of pulling away.    The first man had now graduated from my legs to my ***** and I shuddered in pleasure as I felt his tongue slide between my lips, lapping at my *****, drinking in my juices. He massaged my thighs with his hands as he began flicking my **** and sucking on it. He was driving me so crazy. I could still feel his penis pressing against my leg. It was so big and so hard. I could hardly stand it.    The man in mouth almost came. I could feel his penis throbbing as I brought him to the edge. Realizing he was about to *** and wanting too hold out longer, he quickly pulled his penis out of my mouth.He sat down on the bed beside watch the action I assumed. The first man continued to eat my wet ***** for a few moments more, and began fingering me also, then he abruptly stopped.   A moment late he had both of my legs untied and was spreading them wide as he crawled up on top of me. It felt so amazing as I felt the tip of his penis penetrate my hot and hungry *****. He thrust himself hard inside of me. It felt so incredible, after so much teasing I needed that so bad. His penis was so hard and felt so good as it stretched my *****.    The second man now untied my hands.The first man pulled his penis out of my ***** and started crawling up over my body towards my face. The penis rubbed against me all the way up, over my belly, across my breasts, until it was nearly to my lips. As he straddled me in that position he reached down and stroked his penis just one or twice and then I felt huge loads of hot *** shoot all over my face. *** seemed everywhere, in my hair, on my forehead, all over my cheeks, and especially on my lips.   The first man, having deposited his load sat down beside me to rest and presumably to watch me and the second man. I licked my lips to taste the strangers ***. It was so delicious and so hot. The second man had me sit down and laid down on the bed, then guiding me on top of him. As I ran my hands over his body I realized that this second man was surely my husband and that some unknown stranger had just unloaded his penis all over my face. I felt so hot and so naughty. I embraced my husband so tightly and kissed him all over. As I did so he got to taste the *** on my lips and and all over my face. He was now reaching down between my legs as I lay on top of him. He started massing and rubbing my **** and *****.    I began kissing my way down his neck to his chest, pausing for a moment at each nipple to tease it just a little before moving farther down. I kissed over his belly and quickly reached his hard and very erect penis. I wanted and needed it so bad now. I licked and sucked on his delicious penis as I massaged his balls.   The first man, seeing me on my hands and knees between my husbands legs, now came over and began to lick my *****. After a few moments, I decided to switch up so I could taste the stranger's penis also. I turned around so that my ***** was in my husbands face and took the stranger's still stiff penis in my mouth. The stranger laid down beside my husband and I leaned over and continued my work on his penis. As I was sucking on his penis, he reached over and took my husband's penis in his hand, wrapped his fingers around it tightly and began to stroke it.    It was not long before I heard my husband breathing heavy and whispering that he was about to ***. I quickly got up, crawled over between my husband's legs, replaced the stranger's hands with my own, and lowered my head down, stroking and sucking, eager for his ***. My husband began pumping my mouth full of huge loads of his delicious *** almost immediately. I drank it all down, so happy to have it, my second (and tastiest) load of the day.    As my husband was pumping my mouth full of ***, the stranger got up and walked back behind me, shoving his hard penis once again inside my *****. He started pounding my ***** so hard. It felt so amazing. Within seconds of my husband *******, I felt the stranger begin to deliver another hot load, this time inside my *****. It made me hotter than I had ever been before to be filled now with *** from two men in two different holes.    Now worn out, I crawled up and laid down beside my husband, kissing him and cuddling with him. I was had never felt so worn out and satisfied before.   As I lay there restless in bed imagining these things, my hands had found their way down between my legs and had been massaging my *****. I was now laying on my stomach, with my hand under me, between my legs. I was humping that hand so hard and fast, grinding my ***** against it. It felt so good because my little fantasy had made me so hot anyway. I slid my finger inside of myself and discovered I was dripping wet. I massaged my ***** for a moment and then returned to my **** to finish myself off before falling back asleep. 

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2 Responses Dec 17, 2009

Wow, what a fantasy, I hope you will have this in reality also.

great story, I wonder if my wife has fantasies like that?