Last Fling

My wife is a petite Asian woman with big **** which I love and so did all of her past bf's.  There was one bf that she had the most expereince with and in the past couple of decades we have covered many of our sexual experiences until I was shocked two years ago.  We were talking about life and how our marriage was going and she knew that I love to hear about her sexual escapades when she dropped a bomb.  She wanted to confess to me about a time six months before we got married.  She told me that when we were engaged and living together she was invited to a birthday party of her ex-boyfriends nephew and because she was close to the entire family she decided to go and just drop off her present.  She met up with her ex-boyfriend and they ended up screwing each other in his hotel room because the party was in the hotel. 

She explained to me that if I remembered I had questioned her about her where abouts and we ended up getting into an argument.  I told her I remember it well and that was the only time she had two guys *** in her ***** at the same day.  You see, making up after a fight becomes really hot and heavy and that is what happened to us.  Her ex-boyfriend was trying to get her to go with him and forget about getting married to me.  He tried every trick in the book but she was not going to change her mind.  What she did was to give him the best blow job and **** he ever got from her and leave him high and dry.  During their two hours of sex he kept saying how much he had missed her and how great she was in giving head and how her ***** muscle was tighter than he remembered.  She informed him that she was taught by me in the art of making love and how to exercise her ***** muscle so that anyone who would **** her would go crazy with such a tight *****.  Her ex-boyfriend could only **** her harder and in her mind  he was trying so hard to make him the dominate man.  It was at that time in her life that she made the right decision, she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

Confessions are great for the soul and in my case a big turn on.
loyaldude loyaldude
56-60, M
Jun 23, 2010