My Wife Was Naughty

We were sitting in bed one night just chatting when my wife told me that some time ago she had been on a girl's night out and went back to a couple's house. There were a few guys there but mostly girls. The man and woman who owned the house were recently married and playing the hosts so the man offered my wife a drink. She asked him for some wine and he returned with red which my wife doesnt drink but she politely took it and smiled then he sat down beside her. His wife was sitting opposite and gave a scornful look at him but he didnt seem to care. As the night went on my wife could feel his hand touching her bare back as she was wearing a backless top. His wife couldnt see his hand from where she was sitting but it made my wife feel uncomfortable and as she told me I was half angry but also half aroused. My heart was beating really fast and the mixed emotions were making me feel sick but i asked what happenned next and thats when she told me he was really ugly but said it in a way that made me think something had happenned. i believe her that he was ugly because she said she was only telling me the story because she had seen him again in the cold light of day and was near sick herself but as his hand wandered around the skin on her back she felt unable to do anything. After a while she went upstairs to the toilet but he followed her and when she turned around before going into the toilet he was there, She says she doesnt know why she did what she did and when she said that my heart pounded but my **** was rock hard. She told me she thinks she tried to call his bluff by grabbing his crotch and saying is this what you want but he said nothing and the next thing she remebers is kissing him. they moved into the bedroom and kept kissing as he removed his **** and she kept stroking it. At this point I was so excited i nearly came hearing my wife confess was so horny and i wanted her to continue but on the night the man's wife shouted up the stairs and he quickly left the room before he was finished and went back downstairs. I asked her if that was all that happenned and she said yes but when i asked her again she told me he had his hand up her top and hearing that made me ***
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

It is so hot when a wife / GF admits she has played with another

What an incredibly hot experience for your wife to have shared with you!


wow that's a super hot story. My **** got hard reading it and it's not even my wife. Of course I wish it had been. Thanks for sharing!!