What Did I Expect...

When my (now) wife and I were dating on and off again for about a year, we both did some lying about what we did while we were not spending time together. So finding out and having her confirm some of her sties were a lie wasn't as shocking as it could have been, as I probably told just as many and still this day would never fess up to some of them. But I have learned to have a good deal of respect for her sexual past, while initially i thought I was getting someone pretty boring and normal.

We met at work, she was a beautiful asian, mid 30's very very popular with the guys at work, but they all had her off limits because, although being separated and in the process of divorce, she hadn't made that fact known. Anyway, she always gave of this sense of niaveity and innocence and general lack of knowledge of anything sexual beyond the husband and wife stuff. While I always thought it was an act, I guess it was hard to prove until I found her email and Facebook open on my office computer at home about a year into our marriage.

The first incident took place actually on the day that was supposed to be one of our first dates together. We had planned to meet up for lunch and go hang out together one Saturday. But as I was getting ready I got a call from her that she was going to be running really late and she would call me later in the day when she got home and could go... I remember being really bummed, but went on about my business. When she finally did show up she said she had a morning at the lake planned before she made plans with me and ended up not being able to get out of it in time to hook up with me... When I pressed her a little bit more she admitted that it was with a guy co-worker and while I was a little mad, there was enough in my background for her to attack I didn't feel like making a big deal out of it...

Now this guy wasn't on her "list" of people she'd been with when we had that talk, so here I am really shocked to see his name all over her email account... and let me tell you the emails between the two were hot and graphic... And they all started the night before my missed date and the lake trip.

The first email was from her obviously in response to an earlier email about how he was taking his boat out on the lake the next morning. She had respond asking when he was going to ask her to come along. He then responded back saying if she wanted to go he would cancel his friends so they could go alone. The next email back from him was sent the following day and was full of all of the details of their morning on the lake, and the great sex the two of them had together, and then to make matters worse also talked about the great sex they had again that night (after she had left our date).

Now my wife is a talker during sex... and I decided to use this as a way to see if I could get her to confess to this, mainly because I thought it was really hot! And I will confess we talk a lot about sex with other guys as part of our sexual fun. So a couple days later while she was riding me in bed I turned the conversation that way and got her talking about having sex with imaginary guys at work... then I dropped this guys name and asked "why not him"... she did a double take, and shut up real quick... I push it a little more and finally she asked me would that make me mad... No I said, just tell me... than she confessed...

It was a lot hotter hearing it from her lips in the heat of the moment than reading it in old emails... However I still think she is unaware that I know it's true... I've never told her to this day what I found in her email.
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So hot finding out about how promiscuous a wife has been, even if it was before you were purportedly exclusive... It is even hotter when she plays around after... ;) Hope you encourage her to have fun!

Hot. Do you often have her tell you about her previous experiences while you **** her?