But Only If They Mean It

we all want to be seen as beautiful by some one we love,but as iv got older the saying beauty comes from within makes so much more sense,i want someone to say im beautiful because they think my spirit and soul is and because they love who i am and what i believe and stand for,have you ever seen the film shallow hal,if you havent watch it,if you have you will know what i am talking about

annaleestarr annaleestarr
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

So true! That movie was a great example!

Anyone can sit here and write you and tell you that as long as you think your beautiful thats all that matters. But it's not true. Knowing that some one thinks you are beautiful in so many ways and acknowledges that you in the most sincere way is what makes you feel beautiful..I know how you feel.