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What Do Those Words Mean?

What do those words mean?
Those three little words
What is their meaning?

I have never heard them before
No one has ever loved me
I don't know what that is

I cared for my mother
I thought that was love
But I don't care enough about her
To miss her
Or to be grieving her death

I was going to love my child
I was prepared to love him
And for him to love me too
But I didn't get that chance
It was taken away from me
I do care alot about him
I do grieve his death
But is that love?

What is love?
What is it like it?
How do you know when your in love?
What do those words mean?

Please someone tell me
I want to know what it is
Before I leave this world
I would like to experience it myself
But I don't think I ever will

InmemoryofLifelessStar InmemoryofLifelessStar 18-21, F 3 Responses Jul 28, 2011

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It is a feeling (I guess - because I never been loved either), when you feel the touch of a person or kiss or when in his arms... if you think - that you don't want to live anymore, just wish to die in his arms...that is the feeling of Love. At least for me....<br />
<br />
That's what I would feel if I meet her... or when I feel her warmth.<br />
<br />
But I will not experience it, I guess!

Love Doesn't Actually EXist In Creation. If It Attempts To...It Dies. That Is The Law. . . . Everything Else Is "The Illusion Of Love" Called The ReFlected UnReal ("Maya"). All Life...All Things Are Composed (Made Of) "The Substance Of Love" ...The Primordial AEther or Goddess Mother. It Is A-L-ONE...There Is Nothing Solid In Creation (3 States Of Energy). The 4th State Of Energy Is Pure-Love...Which Dies When It Recognizes ItSelf. If The Love Is Pure & The Death Freely Given...The Fifth Force Is Born...And Lives Happily Ever After In Infinity (The REAL)...Beyond Duality (Creation) ~ Eternity Is Left Behind. Quite The Accomplishment. "To Gain All ~ All Must Be Freely Given (Up)". This Is Called The 2nd Death - Perfection. ...Most things/people just want to play & have fun until "its over." (Pathetic)

I never been loved either. But I have loved. It’s all been rip apart now. And like you I want to be loved. I used to love my family. But years of there abusive have diminished that feeling. All that’s lefted is a icy cold dead feeling. <br />
The love you had for your baby was real. Your baby was made in a horrible way by a monster! You gave birth to him and loved him anyway. There are women who abandon there kids just because they can’t party anymore. You gone through so much and still can have feelings for your baby. <br />
I always wanted a baby a husband a family. Something I never got. The thought of having my own family is the only thing that’s keeping me alive. I think of my baby and how much love I would give it. And at that moment thinking about my child I’m happy. That’s why I believe love is happiness. That person gives you joy and make you happy. But love is also fear, You worry about that person well being. Love is all the emotions but together in a jumble. You are too special not to love. Your life experiences are so similar to my own It’s like looking into a mirror. I never met you, heck I don’t even know what you look like. But I think about you a lot. I understand you because I’m feeling the same things. Can a person love a person they have never met. I have no clue…But I do care so very much. <3