Many a time in our life we come across situation where we find ourselves feeling that we are being microscopically observed. someone doesnt want to leave you alone or give space for more then 15minutes. You are working and a call comes 'Hello dear hope you are doing fine', you get going and soon find 'Hey am missing you so much'. you wait and feel now you will get to work and there you hear the word 'I love you'.

Is Possessiveness an expression of being Loved. Obvious yes but hey wait a minute 'are you giving love or are you expecting love'.

sometimes people may misunderstand me and feel why am i not giving a focussed attention to only you. i do give; i do love you a lot but i also feel i need to share my happiness with others.
will you be there to share my sobstories and be with me when i have tears in my eyes and wipe it.

these experiences i had many a time and i always told my friends that i care them from bottom of my heart. i may sound aggressive; i may sound emotional; i may appearĀ a cartoon but finally i will always be there for you when you need me.

so if you wish to block me from my life do it for life but if you wish to feel true love; keep waiting to hear the words 'I LOVE YOU'
giftafamily giftafamily
May 17, 2012