I Hear It All The Time

but not the way I want to hear it and no offense to him it just doesn't mean anything hearing it from my husband because I don't honetsly know if he loves me ?

its doesn't matter because I know I don't love him the way I should, I mean I love him for being the father of my kids but I think that's the only reason why its sad I know.

I want to be able to hear it one day and know without a shadow of a doubt that thier love is true, and something out of convience and routine. And I to want to be able to say it without hesitance without pretending.
who knows may that wish will come one day.

eeyoresmuse eeyoresmuse
31-35, F
2 Responses May 19, 2012

thank you I know I will be over the moon if I ever do

You never know when your day will come to hear it meaningfully.