I Don't Love Him

I was working in a strange country for more then a year during this time I dated a guy. I guess was too lonely at that time. But the true is I never truly love him. Not because I have someone else but I can not accept the fact he is much younger then me. We have many differences and he has a lots to learn in life. The day when I breaking off with him, he told me he love me. How ironic that is what I want to hear in my whole life. But I do not felt the same way. Love is a very strange thing. It came to you in very unexpected way sometime. But Thank you for loving me. I may not able to return the love in the same way, but I wish you will find someone love you as much.
lazyRaccoon lazyRaccoon
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 2, 2012

Love is a strange thing.