Battle Of The Fallen

Haven't been on here for awhile.
It's good to know I'm still alive I guess hah.

There's no use in telling a story if its not going to be interesting right?
Well I am a bit rusty, so I'll try my hardest not to bore.
Our hearts like glass,
Though pieces of flesh put together,
Sewn like fabric of a quilt.
Our bodies exhibit the most brilliant of light, when allowed.
You and I,
like Jack and Sally,
Its simply too good to be true.
Because it is...
I read the note that said you think you love me.
I believed you.
"Oh, Mad Hatter, you are in deed truly
So why am I so sorry for it?
Sorry for not saying,
Dammit. For saying...

Your face and quirky personality is what I'll forever miss.
An opportunity missed because of one who refused me, who didn't love me,
but you did.
Your leaving,
even more far away, I just hope you think of me every once in awhile like I think of you.
Soldier be strong,
Even though you don't love me
I'll be praying for you
because I fell a little too late
In the battle of the fallen.
daydreamer07 daydreamer07
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012