Poor Kid

I was a cute kid. My parents weren’t the best, but they tried to be. I have two older brothers, their names are Chuck and Chris. The School I attended as a child  was Thomas J. Pappas.

    The Teachers’ at Pappas were always trying to keep me safe and out of trouble .The  reason why was; I was poor and lived in a bad area of town. The area was dirty and full of drugs and killings. I remember that I had to wash my hair in buckets of water and wore dirty clothes. A school  full of homeless kids like me wasn’t easy.
    When wearing  unwashed clothes to school; caused me to be bullied. Day after day, I would get picked on. I loved going to school, because of the “Teacher’s”. It was very hard to make friends at school. I just wanted to be liked and cared about. After school, I would go to the YMCA fun center. I would play pool and would seek away to the locker  room  to take a shower. I didn’t like smelling like rotten egg’s.
littleking2011 littleking2011
26-30, M
Apr 25, 2011