I Know We All Have Problems And Horrible Pain, But I Want To Give People A Chance To Think About The Good In Their Lives.

So often I see that people are hurting or having problems, I know that we all have these horrible things in our lives and pain is all part of the human experience. I want everyone that looks at this post to try and stop thinking about what is wrong with their lives or what is making them hurt. Think.... think long and hard about the things that you love about life, the people you are glad to have in your life... It can be anything. Maybe you are having a bad day and you just want to find something that will make you laugh. Maybe you will read something hear that makes feel better. The things in my life right now that I feel good about are my husband and my son, even though there are times when they both drive me out of my mind, I love them. I am also glad that I have figured out that it wasn't to late to go back to school, I found something I like and decided to go with it. I have all A's since I have gone back. I am also glad not to be a drug addict anymore. It was a long dark road but I picked myself up, i couldn't do it for my family or friends but I did it for me. I have pulled myself out of being an agoraphobic, anxiety ridden person that pretty much hated life and everyone around me. I have learned to love the good I see in other people because I found the good in myself. If everyone could do this it would be a better world. I am not saying that this page will change your life but maybe it can be a start to something good in your life! 
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You are a conqueror April!! I am glad you are in this wonderful forum, because people like you are an inspiration. I think it's brilliant that you propose to think and share the positive in our lives. There is more than we realize or even are grateful for. <br />
A few are: 
<br />
1. My ability to stand for myself and say "ENOUGH" of certain relationships that only dragged me. I now have the added energy and focus. Nothing short of a miracle. 
<br />
2. Every wonderful friend I've made here. What they mean to me; whether they know it or not. 
<br />
3. That I can go to College this fall and pursue a dream without worrying about money, for now at least. And trust that I will do well. 
<br />
And many more. I am blessed, even though some pockets of sorrow are inherent in every person's experience. 
Thank You April!!! xx