That's Easy

My pillow would ask me, "So what did you do this time to tick her off?"
Longrun Longrun 46-50, M 10 Responses Sep 16, 2010

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Sorry BF!

maybe may pillow would tell me, "aren't you bored of embracing me for the longest time now?"..hahaha

C-tears, now I have to know, what does his say?

Bluebie that is some heavenly advice - I can't make her happy, sad part is she makes me un-happy because of her life.

JustWondering - if it complains about that, it is time for a new pillow!

My pillow would probably be a whiner and would complain that I had drooled on it. lol

Glad to hear it LR! Hope they both did you some good ;)

You ever think that maybe she is just pissed off with life and it's got nothing to do with you? In everything I have read it says that your happiness is your responsiblity and no one else's, and visa versa. You cannot make her happy, Hon. That's her job.


Hey, the truth hurts!!!

Blubie, I got a nice long shower in tonight after I got a run in. The best of both worlds!!

Aww. Sounds like you need a nice long shower to relax, Hon. ;) Hugs.

LOL. I remember those discussions.