Little Masculine Men

hello I am a 23 years old female. well anyways here's my weird fantasies. have any of you guys seen the show pit boss, yeah Well there's a little man on their name Sebastian I think his body type is just sexy. He works out and eats right. you can tell you take care of his. I want to be made love to buy a little person who is very masculine and works out and has muscles, who can pick me up. does that exist anywhere? might be a for 4 years think that it's weird that I think little guys are cute. my bf has a pretty nice body and self. he eats right being a vegetarian works out doesn't drink and take care of himself very well. if I can find little man that would fit his description I'd be ready to make love to you very quickly. or maybe 1 day my bf will wake up as a little person and pound me hella good
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Jan 16, 2013