A Few Months Ago...

My best friend was trying to convince me that I was weird because whenever she tells me, I start laughing and playing denial saying "No, I'm a normal person!"

Well, in her attempt to prove to me that I'm weird, she started asking me all these certain questions in which she knew would bring a weird answer out of me and ONLY those certain questions.  Then she asked me what my favorite animal was and it was a koala, but I knew that she would say I was weird again if I told her that my favorite animal was a koala.

So instead, I tried to tell her that my favorite animal was a wolf since that's more ordinary
, but I forgot how to say wolf!  So I was just thinking and thinking saying, "It's um....It's....um...what's it called, what's it called?...uhhhh..."

When all of a sudden, since I couldn't remember how to say wolf, I just wound up
mindlessly blurting out, "HYENA!!!"

Right.  When.  She.  Was.  In.  The.  Middle.  of.  Swallowing.  Her.  Raison.  Bran.  Cereal.

You can imagine what happened next!

I didn't even get a chance to explain to her that I messed up and didn't really mean my favorite animal was a hyena when she was already laughing, choking and gurgling her cereal like mouthwash!

Man, that was just so random and hilarious. 

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Sure, why not? You're making my brain more cornnutty. O.o


Come on! Get to 3 pages! x3<br />
<br />
Haha, like what? A VERY specific color like "Dark as night BLACK"?

Well, that's how my brain feels like right now! That's perfectly normal, lol!

CORNUT scrambled?! WEIRDO!! xD

Hahahaha, just wanted to see if I could get some reeally strange answer to such a simple question xD

Normal is normal. Enough said, lol!!! Let's just go with your view on what is normal because mine view is cornut scrambled right now.

YEAH! Normal is different for everyone.<br />
<br />
Peanlo, how is her favorite color going to tell us anything?! Haha

Normal is, um...it's....eeehhhhh....<br />
I know this one! It's...<br />
It's....<br />
I forgot the word...<br />
Um...I got it!!<br />
No wait, no not zombie dinosaurs!!!<br />
Um...<br />
Haha, let's just go with what you make out to be normal, lol. Spare my brain the pain of thinking about....<br />
About what I was thinking about before!<br />
Ah, what is normal, that's what! ^.^

I don't believe you when you say 'normal' anymore...well, to think of it, I never did, you have your own weird view of what that means, now tell ussss!!

Normal movies and normal colors. XP

Fave colour?

Hmm... <br />
<br />
What's your favorite movie?

I am just a simple, ordinary dork with no clue as to what she's doing, saying, thinking, or wondering 120% percent of the time. XP<br />
Or more if that's even possible. O.O

Hm..you really ARE denying this, aren't you?!?

Lol, I'm not weird!! Haha, I'm a normal person!! XP<br />
<br />
Just don't ask me what my favorite animal is.<br />
Or what I do for the holidays.<br />
Or the kinds of dreams I have.<br />
Or any question about my life or my personality or my fascination with zombie dinosaurs and you'll see that I'm a perfectly normal person, lol!


HEY! Weirdness is good, we like that here!!!


It doesn't mean I'm weird. It just means I don't know what I'm saying half of the time. XD I wasn't even thinking about saying hyena. It just slipped out and then I tried to take it back because it was a random oopsie of mine but it was too late for her, lol. She was already DYING!!! LOL!!!!

Hahaha! Just proves you're weird! xD

HA!!! That is an awesome story