Mum Read My Diary

I had written how I was feeling in this diary that a friend bought me. And one day she said she was cleaning my room and she found it and read it all. When I got home from
School they sat me down and had a chat about how it's wrong and only a phase. That was in 08, two more diaries have been read, they broke me and my first girlfriend up(we still love eachother) and tells me it's wrong on a daily basis.. I have no idea how to handle this <3
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I don't think that you should try to change who you are just for your parents. I haven't told my parents that i'm a lesbian yet but i'm pretty sure that they will say: "oh, it's only a phase, you're not sure what you want" and they just won't get it. You need to tell your parents that it's not a choice and that you are perfect the way that you are. If they can't accept that then there is pretty much nothing that you can do (aside from sensitivity training or a long talk about your sexuality which would probably be very awkward and uncomfortable.)

I had a similar experience. I say to confront your parents. Tell them that this is not a phase, and that you can't change. I think you should also try to get back together with your girlfriend. If you two love each other, go for it. There isn't enough love in this world. Best of luck!

Thankyou :) we are back together and its so much better now &lt;333

wow thats so wrong! well they are wrong as hell! you know how you feel and nobody can tell you differently. I am pansexual and I dont let anyone tell me I am not. Ignore them and continue being you! and how did they break you two up? they have no right to do that. If i was you I wouldnt care what they say, they either accept me or lose me

Aw thanks! :) yeah it does suck &lt;3 ur she made me break up with her and punishes+guilt trips me if I see her. Being 15, I rely on my family otherwise I would leave haha &lt;3 &lt;3

dont listen to her ok? my family guilt trips me a lto but i got used to it :P your not in the wrong!

Thanks :) But I think I should stay in the family closet for a while yet &lt;3

its all your decision, but know that i support you all the way!!

Thank you :) that means a lot &lt;3

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