Finally Did It

Hi, I just came out and I just can't believe it, I was skyping with this guy I met in e.p. and my mum just asked me and I told her everything, we didn't cryed. She just asked me to no tell anyone yet and she want us to go to the psychology, I agreed but I made her very clear that I'm finally happy, anyway I think that was very good, being her the first person I ever tell... I posted this because this kind of stories really helped me and  gave me hope, and I expect this helps anyone.

Sorry for my English I'm Colombian
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Wow thats a cool way to let ur mom know i kind of wish my parents would confront me about it cuz im too much of a chicken lol. Gracias por fin le voy a decir a mi mama que soy gay, hasta luego.

Good story! Good luck with everything.