Coming Out As Bi

I came out as bi when I was fourteen. I was bicurious in 8th grade and so was my friend so we decided to explore our sexuality with each other. I was confused about my sexuality for about two seconds. As soon as his lips met mine for just a little while, I knew I was attracted to other guys. Later that night, I worked out that I was bisexual because those twenty minutes of passion hadn't taken away my infatuation with this girl.

I don't really like telling my story not because it was that bad, quite the opposite. I felt like coming out was too EASY for me. I was a little nervous at first because my community is very Christian conservative but I figured I had to do it anyway so the next day I just winged it and told everyone: my friends, parents and everyone else in the community. I remember my father said:

"I suppose you expect me to take on the role of the overly strict, tought, conservative parent who will stop talking to their son but I realize you can't help who you're attracted to". And that was the approach just about my whole community took. I think my little sister is a bit disgusted by it but she never really said anything. Whatever.

So that's my story about how I came out as bi.

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I'm bicurious 2

I liked your story! Very well written!