Otherkin Coming Out

okay so when I saw this group I thought is this a place for only coming out as liking the same sex?

Since in the world where I live people come out as many things these days, not only gays and lesbians, but also aliens, angels, snakes, wolves, you fuckkking name it!!!!

Their coming out stories, seriously, yeah I want to hear it, since nothing is taboo any more and I want to see just how sick humanity can get by wanting to be whatever... I don't approve of this "otherkin" stuff since it has many dangers connected with it, but what I do want to know is WHY? Why do people want to be anything else as just HUMAN? The same with people who say they are gay or lesbian, does it matter what they call themselves? They are still JUST HUMAN at the end of the day.

Otherkin= people who seriously argue that since a transsexual can choose his sexual identity they should be able to choose their species identity.

There is no shame in anything these days...

Everyone is free to be whoever and whatever they believe themselves to be.


so if people come out as being animals (what they call otherkin incarnate) and it is fuckkking accepted will society then openly accept pedophhhilles too, since they are nothing but mere animals no?!

apparently the otherkin also see themselves as a systematically oppressed group that deserve a prominent place in social justice politics. They think their issues are being ignored simply because they are much more complex than the problems of other marginalized groups. WTF? SO WHEN it becomes legal to be animals then pedos will see themselves as a socially oppressed group of a minority that deserves to enforce rights too? and how can they have rights or human rights if they do not associate with being HUMAN?

something to think about.

PS a criminal to me is a human who decided to become ANIMAL by waving his human rights the moment he decided to go all animal and beastlike on innocent individuals.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Dec 7, 2012